Hidden Jewels of The Southernmost Part of the Philippines – Mindanao

If you think that Luzon and Visayas have the most alluring tourist spot in the Philippines, well, Mindanao will prove you wrong.


Known for its majestic waterfalls, unspoiled white beaches, historic mosque, colorful vintas, and incredible highlands, Mindanao is here to take your breathes away. Discover the hidden gems of the south that will uplift your adventurous souls and thrilled your bones!


Siargao Island – Surigao del Norte

White sand beach in Siargao Island - Surigao del Norte

Image Credit: vigattintourism.com


At the north-eastern part of Mindanao,  lays the tear-drop shaped island of Siargao. Of all the beaches in our country, Siargao is known for its turquoise water and for being the surfing capital of the Philippines.


It is a safe haven for beach bums since isolated beaches are found here. Daku Island, Guyam Island, Naked Island, and Magpupungko beach are a must visit spots if you’re planning to go to Siargao. Plus, the locals are very welcoming and friendly to visitors.


Camiguin Island

Incredible sandbar in Camiguin Island

Image Credit: projectlupad.com


Known as the second-smallest province in the Philippines next to Batanes. But don’t judge its size because Camiguin is a full-packaged vacation deal!


It’s true that size doesn’t matter because Camiguin offers a lot of things you can’t even imagine; Catarman Church Ruins, Sunken Cemetery, Katibawasan Falls, Hot and Cold Springs, Mt. Hibok-Hibok, and white beaches. What more can you ask for?


Samal Island – Davao del Norte

Samal Island - Davao del Norte

Image Credit: flickr.com


Island Garden City of Samal (IGaCOS) is famous for its paradise-like-beaches. Its seascapes have captured many hearts of Filipinos and foreigners.


Its must-visit destinations are Maxima Aqua Fun, Babu Santa Beach, Pearl Farm Beach, Paradise Island beach, Bali-Bali beach, and bat cave.


Hinatuan Enchanted River – Hinatuan Surigao del Sur

Hinatuan Enchanted River - Hinatuan Surigao del Sur

Image Credit: facebook.com


It ’s not called enchanted for anything because this river captivated countless people’s attention. Hinatuan Enchanted river is a deep spring river on the island of Mindanao.


Its aqua blue water surrounded by green plants makes it more fascinating to the eyes. Even if tourists are crowding the place, the locals make sure that the river is still protected and preserved.


Kitanglad Mountain Range – Bukidnon

Moss Forest in Kitanglad Mountain Range – Bukidnon

Image Credit: dealgrocer.com


If you’re looking for an adventure in Mindanao, better try the Mt. Dulang-Dulang to Mt. Kitanglad traverse. The trail difficulty is 8/10, so make sure you’re in shape before climbing.


It is also the home of the Talaandig tribe who guards the mountain (since it’s very sacred to them). So remember to show some respect while climbing. Philippine Serpent Eagle, Philippine Sparrow Hawk, and various wildlife are also seen here.  


When people hear about Mindanao, most of them will think that it’s an unsafe and scary place to go. But for me, all places are unsafe. You can be unsafe while riding a train or even while walking in the street, no one can predict safety. So before closing your doors, why not give Mindanao a chance to change your perspective and let it give you a great experience to remember.

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