Hidden Floral Wonder: Why You Need to Go to Atok, Benguet’s Northern Blossom Farm

Are you all sweaty from the scorching summer heat? Escape the heat in Manila by heading to Baguio.


I know! You’ve been in the summer capital countless of times. What can you actually do there that will make you happier? Is there somewhere picturesque for your followers in social media to salivate on?


Silence your conceited selves! With just a ride away, you can go to Atok, Benguet’s Northern Blossom Farm. Prepare to be in awe with this hidden floral wonder.


What to Expect

  What to Expect in Benguet's Northern Blossom Farm  

Have you ever seen Avatar’s (the movie with the blue aliens) flora and fauna? It’s quite spectacular to see, right? It’s like that but way milder.


Prepare to see flowers like Snap Dragons, Matthiolas, Larkspur and the famed Cabbage Rose in a succession the will satisfy your OCness inside.


For the highlight, it’s said that the Cabbage Rose originated from Japan. The plant is suitable to grow in places with cold temperatures, but not nearing frosting temperature that can kill it. Benguet has that sweet spot, as it’s cold enough but not with frigid temperatures. (Take Note, Benguet can even be colder than Baguio City.)


And it’s not only decorative. You can also eat it! Imagine that beautiful rose-like plant in your salad. Plus everything in the garden can be bought with prices ranging for a few hundred pesos.


If you like the vibe, they also offer places to stay in the area. But you have to call the owners beforehand because they only accept a few guests per day. It may be your chance to unwind and be one with nature.


The entrance fee for the attraction is currently pegged at P200 inclusive of coffee and bread.


How to Get There

How to Get to Atok

Image Credit: Out of Town Blog


There are two ways. You can either take a private car or commute. It will take roughly around 1hour 30mins to arrive in the said place.


For those with a car or those renting (rentals are roughly P1,000 for half-day), if you are using Waze, make sure to pin “Saint Paul’s Academy of Sayangan, Atok, Benguet” because keying” Atok, Benguet” will lead you to the other side of the mountain. This is the closest landmark to the paradise.


If you are commuting, there are bus rides in Baguio City (the ones going to Sagada at the Dangwa Terminal near the center mall) and a UV Express option in KM5 – Shell Station, La Trinidad, Benguet. Don’t forget to inform them to drop you off “Northern Blossom”. The price for a bus ride is around 73 pesos.


If you’re near Atok Benguet Municipal Hall, you are just a few minutes away from the destination. The Address is 1613-A Maria Clara St., Santa Cruz.


It is best to also call also the Tourism Head of Atok to properly assist you in your travels. They can also help you in preparing an additional day trip itinerary (like Mt. Timbak (Mt. Singakalsa) and the Timbak burial caves) to maximize your stay in Atok.


If you don’t want any planning hassles, there are also tour guides that you can opt for. It’s just P500 for a group of 5, just a small amount to make the most out of this beautiful area.


With that, I hope you enjoy your trip!


P.S.: Some of the flowers might not be in season all year round. Better ask the establishment for what flowers are currently in available.


Feature Image Credit: Hannah Jenina

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