Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Wear The Same Pair of Shoes Every Day

As if you needed more reasons to buy another pair of shoes, right?


Seriously, though, wearing the same pair of shoes every day can not only cost you more in the long run, but it’s actually, well, really gross.

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No, it has nothing to do with being a fashion snob. Whenever we spend a day running around in a pair of shoes, they soak up the perspiration from our feet and go moist. Over time, the sweat-soaked material can lose its shape and begin to warp, not to mention get all musty and smelly. (Eww.) Damp shoes are also more prone to other forms of damages, such as scratches.


Since you can’t exactly stop your feet from sweating (which is perfectly normal, btw), you can simply let your shoes rest for a day or so. This allows the moisture within them to dry out and gives the material enough time to regain its shape.

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Furthermore, a lot of shoes have built-in cushioning these days, which involves some sort of open-cell compression material. When worn for long periods of time, these cushions tend to go flat and can take a while to bounce back.

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If you want your go-to pair of sneakers or dress shoes to last even longer, you may also want to invest in some quality shoe trees. These can help stretch new shoes to make them feel broken in (i.e., more comfortable), help retain each pair’s shape, and if you opt for ones made with fragrant cedar wood, keep moths and funky odors away.


For my fellow ladies, there’s another reason why we should switch up our footwear: changing heel heights can help prevent sore calves and shortened Achilles tendons. Podiatrists recommend sticking to heels that are no taller than 2.5 inches and to avoid wearing flats every day as well. While usually more comfortable, the latter is often lacking in good arch support so they’re not necessarily better for your feet.

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But what about your prized sky-high Louboutins, you might ask? Best save those for special occasions where you won’t be walking around much. Your feet and your back will thank you for it.


So, there you have it. You now have the perfect the alibi to spend your Christmas bonus on that spanking new pair of trainers or loafers you’ve been eyeing. Not only will another pair allow you to let your shoes dry out properly between uses, but you’ll also have more variety in your wardrobe.


Or you can always opt for remote work and forego footwear completely.

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