Helpful Tips on Choosing the Right Migration agent for Australia

Want to start a new life in Australia but no idea how? Looking for a migration agent is the best solution for that! But since there are thousands of migration agents on the internet, how can you make sure that you’ll choose the best?


Since there are plenty of scams on the internet, how will you know a migration agent is real? To fake migration agents, here are some helpful tips that will let you know if the migration agent is real and trustworthy:


Avoid commission-driven agents

Watch out for sale commission-driven agents

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The first tip that you should always remember is, don’t sign anything unless you read and understand it. There are plenty of companies that hire agents and will have them work on commission. The tendency is these agents will tell you whatever you want to hear so you’ll sign to their agent.


Sometimes they even pressure you to sign a contract right away. The downside here is that some details that they said to you are not even in the contract. 


Choose a migration agent with experience

Choose a migration agent with experience

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Experience is the best proof that an agent is dependable. Now that we can search for everything on the internet, make sure that you’ll visit the page or website of your chosen migration agent. Check their photos and interaction between their past customers.


Look into their customer feedback 


Look into their customer feedback


Look for reviews of their past customers and read all the good and the bad comments. Also, check the dates of the reviews, are they real people or all of them are unknown accounts? The more the review the better, it will give a brief background on their service.


You can also check in with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) and see if there is any information on your chosen agent.


Check if your migration agent is registered

Make sure your migration agent is registered

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Of course, who wants an agent that is not registered? Today, scammers have different tactics just to get money from innocent people (especially people who wanted to go abroad). So, what’s the difference between unregistered and registered agents?



  • Regulated
  • Has a relevant authority to report to
  • Mandatory annual CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
  • Continual observation and consequences to their actions


  • Unregulated
  • No authority to report to
  • No CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Take note of their response times

Observe their response times

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Choose a migration agent that will update you from time to time especially on the important things like your visa application. Your agent should help you if you have questions and provide answers quickly.


You should feel that you are a priority even though there are hundreds of applicants out there. 


Always read their terms and conditions thoroughly

Read their terms and conditions thoroughly

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To make sure that you get that value of money that you pay, always read and understand the terms and conditions of your chosen agent.


Make sure that there are no hidden fees or clauses. If you need to clarify something ask your agent or someone you trust. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with asking too many questions.


If possible, talk to people who have gone through it

Talk to people who have gone through it

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If you want to be 100% sure, the easiest way to contact their past customers is to message them through Facebook. You can check your agent’s Facebook page and search for people who wrote a review about their service.


This way, you can ask for tips and advice or even have a new friend. Just make sure that you message them politely.


Not everything on the internet is true. There are plenty of people who will take advantage of your weaknesses. Before trusting someone on the internet, make a background check and always ask for your friends’ and family’s opinions. Don’t be shy to ask questions that will help you start your new life in Australia.

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