Help our Environment with these Pinoy Eco-friendly Alternatives


Thanks to the internet, people are now aware of how bad the situation of our environment is.


And as a way of helping our mother Earth, people are starting to use eco-friendly alternatives. Locals are now using bamboo and “Lukay” straws, and banana leaves, abaca to wrap vegetables. Which is really brilliant! 


Bamboo Straws


Misamis Occidental has taken one step forward towards becoming an ecological-friendly community. They started selling out reusable “bamboo straws,” to help reduce plastic pollution.


The Misamis Occidental Enterprise Development and Research Center (MOEDRC) Pasalubong Center have convinced the Concepcion town to create these straws as products marketable to everyone considering that the town has many bamboo plants in the area.


Jaylo Estoque, the manager of the said pasalubong center, encouraged the public mostly tourists to stop using plastic and shift to bamboo straws.


Banana leaves and Abaca ties

Banana leaves and Abaca ties

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A local supermarket in Legazpi has become one of the trending topics on the internet. Why? Well, they started using banana leaves and abaca ties for wrapping fresh produce.


Liberty Commercial Center (LCC), a commercial establishment in Bicol initiated a program to reduce single-use plastics.


According to Ging Guerra, LCC marketing head, this new program is part of their eco-friendly mission. They have also started using paper bags and reusable eco-bags instead of plastic bags.


Guerra also said that aside from being eco-friendly, banana leaves could make products fresher longer, probably because they lock in moisture and block heat.


LCC employees have shown their support for the project by volunteering to bring the banana leaves and abaca ties.


“Lukay” Straws

“Lukay” Straws

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A cafe owner in Siargao island has also produced eco-friendly “Lukay” straws as an alternative to plastic straws. Lukay is the local term for palm leaves or coconut fronds.


The cafe owner’s shift to the environment-friendly practice is in line with the global effort to end plastic pollution, a problem that has extended to the oceans and marine life.

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