‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ Officially Highest-Grossing PH Film Ever

As of yesterday, 3 September, “Hello, Love, Goodbye” has grossed over Php880,603,490 worldwide. That’s like a bajillion times what I make in a year (or in a century).


Thus, Star Cinema announced that the hit film is now the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time. Hence, the studio’s thanksgiving party last Tuesday. 


An Unlikely Hit

An Unlikely Hit  

The Kathryn Bernardo-Alden Richards starrer actually encountered significant resistance at first. This was primarily due to Filipino audiences’ fixation with love teams. Both Bernardo and Richards had different love team partners, and the fans of each pairing made their dismay rather plain.


While the movie is indeed a love story, its characters aren’t the ones you’d find in a typical Filipino romance. There are no rich guy-poor girl tropes here, and the third-party element that so many filmmakers were enamored with doesn’t appear either. 


Instead, “Hello, Love, Goodbye” is all about two migrant workers in Hong Kong. Joy (Bernardo), a domestic helper, and Ethan (Richards), a bartender, fall for each other. As expected, their storyline is also replete with the usual struggles that migrants face abroad. However, the plot thickens when Joy must choose between her relationship with Ethan or a better-paying opportunity elsewhere.


Global Reception

Global Reception  

Despite the vehement opposition of many KathNiel and MaiChard fans (the love teams of Bernardo and Richards, respectively), HLG was a massive hit. After its initial Philippine release last 31 July, the film premiered in several international locations. Fans based in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, among other places, flocked to the cinema in droves.


Then again, that’s hardly surprising, I suppose. Homesickness, familial obligation, and the struggle to carve out a life for yourself abroad all resonate with the average Filipino migrant, and there are millions of them worldwide.


So, what’s next for “Hello, Love, Goodbye” fans? Well, according to Star Cinema, they’ve tapped someone to adapt the film into a novel. Considering that the prospective author is Palanca awardee Charmaine Lasar, it’s probably something to look forward to.

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