Health Risks of Vaping: Might Lead to Deadly Diseases in the Long Run

Have you seen electronic cigarettes? I know. They are cool and futuristic. But is it safe compared to its counterpart?  

We all know. Smoking is dangerous to your health. It is proven to increase the risk of heart disease, lung disease, and cancer. But does this also apply to vaping?


Wait. What Vaping? Is There a Benefit?


Basically, an e-cigarette heats up a liquid (mostly with nicotine) inside its cartridge. The mist or vapor is then inhaled or “vaped” by the user. Thus, the coined word “vaping”.


The difference between the e-cigarettes and traditional ones is the manner of producing the mist. Cigarettes burn its contents while e-cigarettes just heat the liquid inside.


Without combusting materials, e-cigarettes may provide a somewhat healthier alternative. Or so we thought.


The Lesser Evil

The Lesser Evil

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But don’t go belching smoke just yet. E-Cigarettes are not as “healthy” as you think. E-cigarettes do not entirely eliminate the risks of smoking. It just reduces it.


For one, vaping increases the risk of heart attack by twice. Normal cigarettes increase the risk by three times. See the lesser evil there? And most still use nicotine. Nicotine in itself is a gateway to a lifetime of addiction and may still contribute to heart disease.


As to cancer risks, E-cigarettes have lesser carcinogenic material compared to cigarettes. E-Cigarettes have formaldehyde, nitrosamines, lead, and silicate particles but at significantly lower amounts.


We don’t know if the small number can affect your health instantly. Or if our body can flush this out before it accumulates. But for sure, a constant or day-by-day intake might amount to a health risk in the long run.


Inhaling Toxic Metals

Inhaling Toxic Metals

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If that is not enough, there have been studies that found toxic metals when using e-cigarettes.


The study commissioned daily e-cigarette users to have their vapes checked. Of those checked, they found toxic metals at potentially dangerous levels such as cadmium, beryllium, nickel, chromium, manganese, and arsenic.


Because of how they are made, the heating coils of the vapes may have leaked these toxic chemicals that, in return, users have been inhaling.


Second-Hand Vaping

Second-Hand Vaping

And the non-smoker is not entirely safe. A study found out that vaping worsens the indoor air quality. It increased the nicotine concentration, PAH (a carcinogen) and aluminum increased. These are all linked to heart disease, lung disease, and cancer.


So if you don’t want the health risk, better let them smoke back in their designated areas.




Vaping can maybe limit the addicted adult from traditional cigarettes. But it is not without health risk. If you need to curb your cravings, better seek help to stop everything all together.


It may be hard. But for what it’s worth, living a longer life is certainly more meaningful for you and your family.

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