Heading to Darwin? Check this Must-See Sights for Your Vacation

Aside from work opportunities, the Land Down Under is clearly a tourist destination everyone should go to. And if you happen to be in Australia’s Northern Territory, Darwin is surely a must.


Named after the famed evolutionist Charles Darwin, Darwin has proud luscious greens, historical landmarks, and nature adventure for all ages. If you are tracing scientific steps of this biodiverse fauna or just having a holiday with your family, this is what NT’s capital has to offer.


Check Everything Crocodile

Check Everything Crocodile

Let’s start big! Literally. Muster your inner Crocodile Dundee by visiting Australia’s reptile inhabitants.


With just 5 min away from the airport, you can start with Crocodylus Park. Marvel with their comprehensive Crocodile museum, and the highlight boat cruise amidst wild crocodiles. Take caution, this exhilarating ride may take a bite.


If you want to put it up notches up, visit Crocosaurus Cove’s Cage of Death. Enclosed in a cylindrical viewing cage, swim with crocodiles as large as 5 meters and more. Get in touch with their natural instincts as they get fed while you watch closely. Really close.


Will you take this plunge? For the adventure junkies, this may be a check mark in their awe-inducing bucket lists.


Kakadu Something with Nature

Kakadu Something with Nature

If your sick of seeing jaws that can tear you from limb to limb, check out this nature tours that may give a more serene vibe.


You can visit the dual-listed UNESCO World Heritage site Kakadu National Park. It boasts a spectacular natural view and a cultural landscape. You can check out the Aboriginal’s Rock Art probably painted thousands of years ago.


You can also hike through its mountains and swim over nature’s waterholes. If you want to travel like the local aboriginals, you can also book local tours with them and enjoy the scenic waterfalls or the vast wetlands.


This enormous 20,000 sq.km of ecological wonder will leave you relaxed and one with Mother Earth.


Memories of World War II

Memories of World War II

Darwin has had perils in the World War II. Around 300 Bombs were dropped in the city ensuing the conquest of the Allies versus the Axis on February 19, 1942. Darwin was even bombed more than Pearl Harbor.


As you trace your roots, learn about this in Darwin’s Military Museum. You can also check out the aircraft present in the combat at Darwin’s Aviation Museum.


And go underground as you relive the protection of valuable oil in WWII Oil Storage Tunnels Tour. And to complete this trip, head to the Darwin Cenotaph to commemorate all those who died in service for the Australian flag.


Mindil Beach and Mindil Sunset Market

Mindil Beach and Mindil Sunset Market

After this bitter walk of memories, end your day in Mindil Beach to catch the sunset. Relax as you just lay with your family as you watch the day come to its end.


(Although, you can’t swim though because of the Box Jellyfish.)


If you’re lucky, you can head afterward to the Mindil Beach Sunset Market<. It’s Darwin’s largest market with over 300 stalls ranging from food and beverages to arts and crafts. Food-wise, it’s like National Multicultural Festival all over again.




Without a doubt, Darwin is a worthwhile stop for your Australia trip. With this list, I hope you enjoy the Land of Oz. Here we go! *Dresses Like Crocodile Dundee*

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