Harness the Carnivore in You: Adelaide Beer & Barbecue Festival 2017

Craving for a mouth-watering flame grilled barbecue? Do you want artisan beer coupled with that? The marriage of the juicy charcoaled delicacy with just the proper kick of alcohol. Oh Lord! Where can you find such a heavenly conception?


If you are heading to Adelaide this July, your gastronomic cry just got heard. This July 28 – July 30, the Adelaide Beer & Barbecue Festival 2017 (ABBF) will have their dainty rerun.


Despite humbly starting just last 2015, the 2017 scrumptious iteration will have 50 exhibitors of artisan cider and beer and a lineup of delectable meat restaurateurs.


Restaurants and Restaurateurs with the likes of Matthew Mattheson (Canada, Dead Set on Life), Fancy Hanks (Melbourne), Duncan Welgemoed, Low and Slow, Chris Jarmer, and JK BBQ’s & Smoke.


Imagine live Music and DJ’s with a chunk of gratifying meat from this butcher Gods flamed to perfection. What more can you ask for?


The Festival has four sessions for the end of the week.


Friday on My Mind (July 28, 5 pm until midnight)

  Friday on My Mind  

For July 28, keep your mind off your worries with “Friday on My Mind“. Highlighted with a prestigious awards night. Out of all the 50 exhibitors, the festival will bestow the Royal Adelaide Beer and Cider Awards. They will crown the best (so far) out of the rest.


Party tonight with the performances by Hockey Dad, Ali Barter, and the West Thebarton Brothel Party. The tickets are for 18+ only scheduled at 5 pm until midnight.


Beer Geek Session (July 29, 11 am – 5 pm)

Beer Geek Session

Image Credit: The Adelaide Review


For the coming day, unleash your inner nerdiness in the “Beer Geek” session. Indulge yourself with the pursuit of knowledge from Masterclasses, and Q&As with brewers and chefs.


To top it all off, exhibit your newly honed brewing prowess in a Brewers “Family Feud” battle. The tickets are also for 18+ schedule at 11 am to 5 pm.


Rock’ n’ Roll Session (July 29, 6 pm until midnight)

  Rock' n' Roll Session  

Live off the era of rock and roll in ABBF’s “Rock’ n’ Roll Session“. With performers like Regurgitator, Ecca Vandal, Donnarumma, and the SA Beer Band Competition Winner, you are surely going to head bang you way off the night. Of course, while gobbling your food on the side.


The tickets are also for 18+ scheduled at 6 pm to midnight.


Sunday Session (July 30, 11 am – 6 pm)


After the continuous partying the past two days, it’s time to enjoy the festival in a family friendly way. The “Sunday Session” will provide the needed bonding time for your loved ones.


The session features a Smoke BBQ Comp announcement and numerous contests. A Hot Dog Eating Contest, Chili-Wing-Off, and Brewers Feud. Also, the highlighted Dad-Bod Wet T-shirt Contest to end the festival with a bang.




Enjoy this weekend amidst all your headaches. I mean, what do a party, beer, and slab of ribs can’t solve?


I know. You’re welcome.

Leandro Eclipse

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