Guess What? You Can Open A Bank Account with ANZ While Still in the Philippines. Here’s How.

If you’ve been following our blog (and if you haven’t, just scroll down to find the subscribe button), you already know that you can open an AU bank account before you actually get on the plane. 


Last time, we listed about six Australian banks that allow you to do exactly that. Yet out of the six, we know of just one that has a physical branch in the Philippines: Australia New Zealand (ANZ) Bank. 


Now, while you can probably set up an AU bank account online, lots of people prefer to do so face to face. Despite living in the digital age, there is still something to be said about being able to chat with a human being about your questions and concerns. 


Thus, here’s how you can open an ANZ account while you’re still in the Philippines:


  1. Print out an online application form.
  2.   1-Print out an online application form  

    You can download the form here. While you’re at it, prepare your primary and secondary ID’s for the next step.


    The following are considered primary ID’s:


    • Australian photographic driver’s licence or learner’s permit;

    • Australian Passport (current, or one that has expired within the past two years);

    • Foreign passport;

    • Australian state/territory government issued Proof of Age card;

    • Government issued National Identification card.


    Meanwhile, these qualify as secondary ID’s:


    • Birth certificate (can be issued by an Australian State or Territory, or Foreign Government);

    • Australian or Foreign citizenship certificate;

    • Medicare card;

    • Australian School attendance letter issued by principal to person under 18, recording residential address and period of attendance (less than 3 months old);

    • ATO (Australian Taxation Office) assessment notice (less than 12 months old) with name and address.


  3. Activate your account at an ANZ branch.
  4.   2-Activate your account at an ANZ branch  

    ANZ Philippines is at Level 14, Solaris One, 130 Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229. Their operating hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, every Monday to Friday. You can also ring them at +63 2 8841 7773.


    Furthermore, the Makati branch offers the following banking services:


    • Cash deposit

    • Cash withdrawal

    • Cheque deposit and encashment 

    • Verify/certify documents

    • Accept account opening documents

    • Submission and collection of trade documents


  5. Begin transferring funds to your new account.
    3-Begin transferring funds to your new account

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    Once you’ve fully activated your account, you can start depositing funds into it. You can also track your deposits via ANZ’s Internet Banking.


    By the way, ANZ allows its depositors to have accounts in different currencies. Apart from an Australian dollar account, you can open one for Philippine peso as well. This might come in handy if you’re planning to send money to the Philippines from Australia.


Opening an Australian bank account ahead of your move provides a lot of advantages. First, it spares you from having to carry a lot of cash onboard. Secondly, this allows your money to earn interest while you’re in the process of migrating. 


Lastly, it gives you peace of mind. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what we we’re all after?

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