Graphic Design Was Made Simple by Canva


Canva is your one-stop shop when it comes to graphic design. This website offers just about every service an average user needs to create professional-quality infographics, business cards, postcards, book covers, curriculum vitae, and other layout graphics. Creative minds have the freedom to build their own graphics from scratch.


The startup’s excellent service was immediately recognized by the public as it hit a million users within the 12 months of launching. Nowadays, Canva is worth about US$160 million (or AU$208.44 million). Things were not always as pleasant as this. Its growth was unprecedented.


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Melanie Perkins, who was aged 19 at the time, dropped out of an Australian university to start her own business in her mother’s home. She had a winning idea to simplify a graphics tool in order to suit the needs of many. Equipped with this and her business partner Cliff Obrecht, Melanie applied for a loan to install printing presses in the living room.

Melanie Perkins

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Beginning with 15 schools, the clientele grew massively to 80 schools in the next year. It is difficult to manage a business with no sufficient background. This is why the two founders had to quit college to focus on their startup. As you can see, their decisions paid off.


Canva’s total investments have reached US$27 million (or AU$35 million) in 2016 alone. This significant number is influenced by its chief evangelist Guy Kawasaki. As the company expanded worldwide, it planted some seeds in Manila.


Last August 2014, Canva Manila’s office opened in Makati. Situated in V.A. Rufino Street along with a series of corporate buildings and coffee shops, the space occupied by the Canva Manila is aesthetically pleasing to say the least. Several walls boasted with murals, meeting rooms embellished by writings on the glass, and standing desks next to a brick wall.

   Canva Manila  

They experimented with a team of six and eventually grew to a team of sixty. From engineers to customer happiness specialists, diverse types of employees were hired. Fostering the creativity of these people were several work spaces. There are spaces to be isolated and spaces to collaborate. The Sydney heads are very much involved in the process too.


From humble beginnings to worldwide success, Canva’s Melanie Perkins will continue to bring us tools of innovation. She once said on an interview with CNN: “Our vision with Canva is to enable everyone to take their idea and see what they turn that into, but we’ve only really achieved about 1 percent of what we’ve been working for here, so there’s a lot more yet to come.”

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