Grade 10 Abra Student Shows His “Enviro-robot” that will Compete in Aus­tralia

When it comes to inventions, Filipinos have always been surprising the world. Whether it’s about health, environment, entertainment, and education Filipino inventors and scientist always find a way to give solutions to solve or lessen our country’s problem.


Just like this 16-year-old Grade 10 student from Abra who made and develop a robot that can pick and sort trash from waterways and canals.


Meljon Reyes Viste

Who is Meljon Reyes Viste

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At a young age, Meljon has shown interest in Lego and robots. He has always been curious about how robots were made and to make them move.


Eventually, when he stepped into high school he found the perfect school that will develop his skills. Since the Abra High School is a government-run institution, students were required to do research and present solutions to the problem in their province. 


He then became curious about what benefits can robots give to their environment. Then he started inventing and came up with his Enviro-robot.




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Meljon’s Enviro-robot can pick and segregate trash from waterways and canals.


His prototype robot has a grip but it encountered a prob­lem. Meljon decided to change the grip and putu a conveyor that will allow waste to go through a sensor that will separate the trash.


A representative from a big Philippine corporation has noticed his Enviro-robot and offered to buy it. But Meljob said that he will still make an improved version of his robot in the upcoming competition in Australia this October.


Robot Competition Winner


Robot competition winner


Meljon is not new when it comes to robot competitions. Last August, he joined the “Sumobot” (Sumo Wrestling Robot) in the World Robot Games Championship in Thailand.


For this competition, Meljon created a robot that punches an opponent. This robot is operated using his father’s mobile phone as a remote control. And guess what, his Sumobot won third place!


And if you think that Meljon is just focused on robotics, you’re wrong. He has been a consistent honor student since he started going to school.


Meljon is also supported by his family especially by his father, John who is a civil engineer. Even if robotics is quite expensive, John always gives his best to provide the parts that his son needs when creating a robot.


Every child has strengths and weaknesses. They have different interests and skills that can be improved. As a parent, always support your child and make them feel that you got their backs in discovering their talents and passion.

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