Going Nuts Trying to Feed Your Toddler Healthy Food? BibblyPH is Here to Help You Out.

You’ve heard of meal delivery services, right? What if I told you that there’s also one for picky toddlers?


Now, before you freak out and accuse us of promoting unhealthy body images for youngsters, read the following paragraph.


Working parents have their work cut out for them. Not only do they grapple with jobs and/or businesses, but their work day also extends far beyond the office. Feeding toddlers is an especially arduous task. Their palates are still developing, so they tend to prefer unhealthy snacks like nuggets, burgers, and the omni-present bowl of sugary cereal.


But you can’t exactly force-feed (!!!) your child, so the only alternative is to come up with delicious yet nutritious meals. The trouble is, such a feat takes a lot of effort. Working parents already wear a lot of hats, but how many of them are also chefs-slash-nutritionists?


Thankfully, an enterprising working mother has come up with a solution to this age-old problem.


The Birth of BibblyPH

The Birth of BibblyPH  

Mich L. Roque’s latest venture was born out of a frustration that many parents, working or otherwise, can sympathize with. “I’m a working mom, and I was constantly beating myself up for feeding my toddler so-called ‘convenience’ foods and fast food,” she was quoted saying.


With the help of some business-minded friends, she launched BibblyPH, a delivery service that specializes in healthy eating for kids. Armed with her own experiences as a toddler mum, she came up with menu offerings that are not only chef-approved, but also (and more importantly), kid-approved.


So, What’s On The Menu?

So, What’s On The Menu_

Image Credit: BibblyPH


BibblyPH’s edibles package nutritious ingredients in toddler-friendly forms. Think muffins and pasta sauces with at least one hidden vegetable. Their whimsical names will undoubtedly tickle any child’s fancy too.


For instance, there are the Tuna Nuggies, which are crispy meat and veggie nuggets. The Merry-nara, on the other hand, blends six healthy vegetables into a rich pasta/pizza sauce. And because no meal is complete without dessert, Mich developed Zuchos. These are muffins so moist and chocolatey, your kid won’t notice the shredded zucchini in them.


In addition, they’ve got a handful of new products in the pipeline. I was told that these include meatballs with kangkong and pesto sauce. Yum!

In addition, they’ve got a handful of new products in the pipeline.

Image Credit: BibblyPH


While there are no preservatives or processed substances in BibblyPH’s food, they do contain a bit of salt. Thus, they’re not recommended for babies.


How It Works

How It Works  

Mich and a small team of helpers prepare all the orders from scratch in a highly-sanitary environment. They also employ an in-house, once-a-week delivery system to maintain optimum freshness.


Everything is delivered chilled, so recipients should refrigerate the food until they’re ready to cook and serve. You’ll need to fry the nuggets and heat up the Merry-Nara prior to lunch or dinner time, for instance. (It still beats having to make everything from scratch yourself, though.)


BibblyPH currently delivers to hungry toddlers (and thankful parents) in Eastwood (QC), Ortigas (Pasig), Mandaluyong, Bonifacio Global City (Taguig), and Makati Central Business District.


Interested? Check out their Facebook or Instagram for instructions on how to order. I’m neither a toddler (well, sometimes) nor a parent, but I certainly will.

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