Why Should You Go to the Royal Queensland Show 2017

The winter of August won’t end without a bang! In Brisbane, the Royal Queensland Show will bring the heat this August 11 to August 20.


Commonly known as “Ekka” (short for exhibition), the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland (RNA) will have their 140th rerun of this successful roadshow of family friendly fun!


It will be held at the Brisbane Showgrounds opening 9 AM daily. The Queensland Government even announced Aug 16 as a Public Holiday (People’s Day) to celebrate the Queensland lifestyle in this momentous event.


Why should you go?


Extreme and Family Friendly Rides

  Extreme and Family Friendly Rides  

What’s a day off without a dose of adrenaline rush?


With rides like “The Beast” and “Freakout”, the yearning for that G-Force experience will surely be satiated.


These rides suspend you 147 ft. of the air coupled with a 360-degree rotation starting of as a pendulum with speeds of 120 kilometers an hour. Make sure to not overeat, because you sure don’t want to make this adventure “freaky”.


Bring your loved ones also for these “family-friendly” rides. Ride the “Crazy Spinning Coaster” and “Pirate’s Revenge” for those who crave for more (Pirate’s Revenge is a water roller coaster!).


But for the faint hearted, we can just chill the day in the “Royal Decker Carousel” or bust a groove in “Break Dance”. Don’t forget to slurp the iconic strawberry sundaes while on that.


Whatever your tolerance for adventure is, you will surely have fun in this section.


Petting Animals

  Petting Animals  

If you are not into amusement parks, the event also has a section for Animals! I mean RNA is an “Agricultural and Industrial” Association after all.


Get a chance to meet the best of their breed in various canine and horse competitions.


And the highlight of this area is various petting areas! With animals ranging from Dairy Cattle, Goats, Chicks and Pigs to Cats, Angoras and Alpacas (There are ALPACAS!), you surely won’t want to miss this.


Where do you see a bunch of people clamoring for selfies with animals? For sure, only in EKKA.


An Overload of Competitions

  An Overload of Competitions  

If you haven’t had enough with the animal competitions, it is now the time to watch the Homo sapiens battle their way to the top spot.


With the battle of brute strength, the Australian Armwrestling Federation will hold the 2017 Queensland state title up for grabs. With 30 participants across three weight classes, watch the apex of human strength in their display of power.


For those feeling the power of music, judge the musician’s musical prowess in “Ekka’s Country Music Showdown“. Watch these rising stars compete for their dreams of stardom.


For another kind of music, Whipcrackers also take the center stage to show off their cracking routines. Used during the shepherding of livestock and horse riding, this daily custom became an art. Spectate as they contend for the coveted prize money.


Now we go towards a display of dexterity. The Brisbane Northern Suburbs Darts Club will show their precise shots at the “Darts Championship – Ekka Invitational“. 23 teams will compete including the world famous world champion “The Boomerang” Tony David. Expect an exhibit of genius in this nerve-wracking competition.


Enough with the brawns, let the beauties mesmerize you with the coronation of “QCA Miss Showgirl“. This competition allows the women involved in Queensland’s Agricultural Show Movement be rewarded. 11 State finalists are handpicked across 128 agricultural shows to face each other for the title.


With so many competitions and daytime shows lined up within the week, there is never a dull moment in EKKA.


Fireworks and Light Display in Ekkanites

  Fireworks and Light Display in Ekkanites  

If you’re tired with all the frolicking and spectating, it’s time to close the night with “Ekkanites“.


Starts at 515pm, this program presents us with various spectacles of Death Defying Motorists, Horse Archery, and Literally Fiery Monster Trucks.


All with a parade of lights, ending with an array of synchronized fireworks. Truly a sign of a deserving day well spent.


What Now?


The Royal Queensland Show is definitely a must-see celebration. Don’t forget to get your tickets and enjoy the fun!

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