Why You Should Go to the Balik Bayan Exhibition

The origins of our culture are essential to know. As Filipinos, we have to understand our cultural heritage to get connected to our history, social values, and customs. And with understanding comes more discernment for the present and the future.


By this means, multiple art institutions namely the Art Gallery of NSW, Mosman Art Gallery, Blacktown Arts Centre, Peacock Gallery (Auburn), and the Campbelltown Arts Centre have collaborated to bring us the “Bayanihan Philippine Arts Project”.


This project aims to give awareness for both the Filipinos and the Public on the richness of the Filipino Culture. It is embodied in the “Bayanihan” (which symbolically means helping each other to achieve one goal) of these prestigious institutions.


A Glimpse Back to our “Bayan”

  A Glimpse Back to our Bayan  

Because of the pursuit for greener pastures, a lot of Filipinos have traveled miles from home to be Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). Migration has pegged the resilient Filipinos in new homes abroad.


Blacktown, Australia is no exception to this trend. Roughly 34,000 people (9% of the population) with Filipino Ancestry are living in this city.


With this demographic, the Blacktown Arts Centre has themed the exhibit “Balik Bayan”. Literally meaning “Back to our Town“, the ensemble features a sneak peek of our cultural lineage both in past and the present.


The exhibition highlights works like Alwin Reamillo’s new iteration of the Bayanihan Hopping Spirit House. The changes symbolize the ever-evolving times but the unforgotten value of “Bayanihan”.


Also, Leeroy New alongside with the Filipino Cultural Advocacy Group Sinta and the Theatre Community Sipat Lawin Ensemble will transform the venue into a Tiangge-inspired” display showing the festivities in olden times.


Moreover, the works of eight local artists will be featured with themes ranging from Philippine Mythology and Folklore, Motherhood and Femininity, to present Political Dynasties, and Pop Culture. It will certainly be an eye-opening night for many.


Film Curation with Robert Nery


With the influence of film in our culture, it is a medium we can’t ignore.  With world-renowned Filipino poet and filmmaker Robert Nery, spend the night by tackling the intricacies and cultural influences in feature films of both the past and the present.


These are the scheduled dates for the screenings.

  Balik Bayan Schedule  



With Anino Shadowplay Collective ending the 2-month long celebration, the “Balik Bayan” festivities will come to close on All Souls Day November 2.


Amidst it all, for sure, we are steps closer to understanding our roots even if we are away from our native land.

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