Global Talent Scheme: New “Innovation” Visa to Roll Out this July 2018, for 12 months

Migrating to Australia for work has been in the rough last year. Arguably attributed to the abolishment of Visa 457, it’s a move to bring back the jobs to Australians first and limit the unscrupulous companies who abuse foreign employees with lower wages.


But with it, so many jobs are deleted from the new TSS program. And the Department of Home Affairs continues to shorten the list of available occupations depending on what’s deemed to be necessary. To give you perspective, Western Australia scrapped 160 occupations putting the skilled occupation list down to 18 from 178.


With this restriction, those sought-after individuals lose their interest because of the hassles of applying for a visa. And most of the time, their occupation is not even on the list.


If you are outstanding in your field, why bother working in Australia when you can easily accept an offer elsewhere? Hopefully, this opportunity cost is about to end with the new “Innovation” Visa for a pilot rollout of 12 months.


Global Talent Scheme in a Nutshell


Dubbed under the global talent scheme, accredited employers are allowed to fly-in key individuals even if their occupation is not listed.


It allows Australian companies to give out visas to highly skilled individuals for up to four years which also includes access to a permanent residency pathway. It goes hand-in-hand with the TSS program because businesses are now able to negotiate their required talents. Not to mention the faster processing of visas.


Sometimes, enterprises just need one key person to grow exponentially. And it’s a win-win for both prospective employee and the Australian economy. With the growth of a business comes more demand for new hires. These global talents are welcomed because they need to prove that they can provide more job opportunities for Australians.


Or at the very least, they can pass on skills to Australian workers that would make them more competitive in the field. It‘s a ‘job multiplier’ that would be beneficial to everyone.


But remember, your company should be eligible first before your employee can lodge an application. They placed this safeguards to avoid erring companies who might use this scheme to circumvent the visa laws.


Eligibility Requirements


It is important to note that only companies in tech-related industries or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related fields are allowed to import global talents. This is open for both long-standing businesses and start-ups.


There are two streams for this visa: the Established Business Stream and the Startup Stream. There is a factsheet for the requirements. These are as follows:


Additionally, startups should have:


Steps to Applications


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Now you are ready to apply. These are the steps to get accredited. First, send an email to with your:

  • Business Name and ABN/ACN
  • Description of the positions required not available or are restricted on the eligible skilled occupations lists.

Next, a GTS request form will be sent to you. You should send back the accomplished form and attach with it the required supporting documentation including evidence of labour market testing.


It will take around 6-11 days of processing for assessment.


Once you get approved, they will send a GTS Agreement to be signed. Afterward, you will be given a unique code (Permission Request ID). You will use this when you lodge applications online for overseas workers. These nominations will be decided within 5 business days.


You are only allowed 5 positions per year for Startups and 20 positions per year for established businesses.


Moreover, the nominated workers can apply for a TSS visa online based on your GTS agreement. Visa applications will be decided within 5 business days.


With that, I hope both the global talents abroad and Australia benefits from this innovative visa. Cheers to progress!


Disclaimer: This entry aims to be an informative article that is accurate at the time of writing. It may be deemed obsolete, whether in part or in whole, when new visa rulings are announced. We advise you to consult your Visa expert.

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