Should I Give My Children a Pet?

Did your kid just ask for a pet?


You may be apprehensive to the idea. I mean, it is expensive to own one. Not to mention, the maintenance it will entail. There is food expenses, vitamin expenses, monthly shots, grooming expenses, and the list goes on.


And it’s not like you can give up your pet if you don’t want it anymore. (No! Don’t even think about it. You evil human!)


It is certainly a COMMITMENT.


But, It may be the time to give in. According to studies, children growing with pets give quite a number of benefits. And these are some:


Physical Health

  Physical Health  

With excessive use of their gadgets, your kids might be prepped for a sedentary lifestyle ahead. It may be hard to force them to play outside for exercise either. This may cause health problems and obesity.


But with the help of pets, they may even exercise voluntarily. Families with a dog are more physically active. This contributes to their overall fitness levels. Imagine your children begging you to walk outside? You might cry out of joy.


Also, owning pets might lessen your child’s chances of getting allergies and asthma when they grow up. Certainly, a healthy perk from your new family member.


Emotional and Psychological Benefits

  Emotional and Psychological Benefits  

Aside from future financial and health benefits, owning pets can help nurture your children emotionally and psychologically.


Having pets teaches our children loyalty, patience, and compassion.


Moreover, studies found out that pets have a therapeutic effect. That’s why it is utilized in Animal Assisted Therapies (AAT) to combat depression, anxiety, and anger management.


This stems from the unconditional love that our pets give out. Unlike the outside world, pets don’t have ulterior motives or forced liking to a person. This genuineness makes our children feel free to express their emotions without fear of judgment or rejection.


Ultimately, it teaches our kids empathy, a rare commodity in our society today.


Social Interaction Made Easy


Ever caught yourself petting a stranger’s pet dog in a park? I thought so.


If your kids are generally shy, not only dogs but generally any pet can be a “social hack” in meeting new people. People are drawn to the pets.


Coupled with the boost in emotional intrinsic qualities mentioned earlier, social interactions are now a breeze.


BONUS: Receptiveness to Responsibility


Image Credit: Alamy


If you also want responsible children, pet ownership can give that to you. It is also believed that children with pets are more receptive to household duties.


No more ranting child for doing the dishes or cleaning up their room.


To sum up, pet ownership might be expensive up front. But the benefits pretty much outweigh its hefty cost.


With that, I cheer you in welcoming your new family member!

Leandro Eclipse

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