Why am I Getting So Much Privacy Policy Updates and How Can I Benefit From It?

If you’ve checked your email lately, for sure, you have seen a barrage of privacy policy updates for your apps today. But with the exhausting clicking and reading of each email, you can’t help but wonder, why am I receiving so many policy updates? Can this spamming stop?


You may think that it’s because of the Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal. Good guess though, but you’re wrong. Although, it’s serendipitous to coincide and surely a must because this data breach influenced the turnout of the US Elections and the Brexit Referendum. Who would’ve thought that the unauthorized distribution of your data has effects nationwide?


Well going back, the rollout is because of the European’s enforcement of their new law entitled, General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) last May 25, 2018. And it’s a precedent to a more secure management and sharing of your personal data online.


It’s Europe, Why am I Included?

  It's Europe, Why am I Included?  

You are right for asking this. I mean, you’re 6,000 plus miles away. Why am I even affected?


Well, for one, most of the apps you signed-in for are global companies. They operate worldwide and having a different privacy policy for Europe and for other countries might be troublesome. Most companies opt to standardized their policies for all their users regardless of location.


And with the effects of the Facebook Scandal (some $50B wiped-out of its stock value upon announcement. Yikes!), no company would want that sharp heart-stopping drop. Complying with the standards of this law are good measures to prevent that from happening. (Here is a copy if you want to check it out.)


And failure to comply with the GPDR law will net the firm a hefty fine of 4% of their global revenue or 20 Million Euros whichever is higher. With the possibility of a financial blow, no one can certainly stop receiving updates.


So what can we do to at least take advantage of this rollout?


You Can Now Start Unsubscribing to Apps and Websites You Don’t Use

You Can Now Start Unsubscribing to Apps and Websites You Don't Use

Image Credit: Ben Patterson


Remember the cooking website you subscribed to when you were “supposedly” learning how to concoct a feast-to-remember on your hubby’s birthday last 2011? No? I thought so.


We have been accustomed to subscribing to websites and download apps for the “just in case” purpose. But some of the menial cases don’t even happen. I mean when did you last check on the cooking website? No activity for the past 7 years.


And it’s important to note, we allowed these companies to gather our data regardless. They got our personal information like our emails, phone numbers, and birthdates. Some even have but are not limited to, our employer information, political affiliation, and location history.


With the mandatory roll out of their privacy updates, you can now opt to unsubscribe from their long-forgotten “free” services.


You Can Now Actually Understand the Privacy Policy

You Can Now Actually Understand the Privacy Policy

Image Credit: Shutterstock


Remember the legal mumbo jumbo when you read the privacy policy? It’s so overwhelming that you just end up clicking yes anyway. Forget the dumbfounding moments, those days are long gone.


With the current law, it mandates that expressing the manner on how the company collects and keeps the data should be done in layman’s terms. The first step to battling this crisis is awareness. With this update, at the very least, you are aware of the rights you have given the company with your personal data.


You Have a Say on What Data They Can Keep

You Have a Say on What Data They Can Keep

Image Credit: Gadget Hacks


Additionally, you may want some of your data to be kept from the company and the public. Now, you have a say on it!


If you don’t want some of your data like your birth date or location data being collected, you have the option to take it out from their system. Even if you didn’t give all your data, it also gives you the right to not give all your information to a service but still be allowed to use it.


Now, you have the “Right to be Forgotten”.


Notice Against Breach of Security


Lastly, we are not protected from every danger in the World Wide Web. The hackers of today are scheming for more sinister plots against your data. They are advancing unprecedentedly and some companies might get targeted.


Ignorance is not an excuse now. The companies need to announce any data breaches that happened in their system within 72 hours. This might give you at least some time to protect your others cyber information just in case sensitive data is leaked out.


And with that, I hope we get protected. Or at the very least, this can be a start to a more secure Internet for the future ahead.

Leandro Eclipse

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