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Once when I was 7 years old, my parents brought my sibling and I to the famous amusement park in the Philippines called the Enchanted Kingdom. I still remember the oozing enthusiasm I had as I was riding the Carousel, braving the rapids, and watching films on the threatre. Surely, most of us have this treasured memory attached to amusement parks.


Relive these childhood memories and positive emotions by visiting the Luna Park Sydney!   With amazing views of the Sydney Harbour, Luna Park Sydney is an entertainment precinct suitable for children and young at heart. As you enter the Park, you will be greeted by a huge smiling face of the moon. Its vibrant and quirky atmosphere is completed by the clowns.


To be honest, I was not a fan of clowns as I was growing up but, I learned to warm up to them. This is why I suggest to expose your children to clowns and emphasize on their friendly nature so that they will not develop fear toward them.


Luna Park is unique not only because its roots date back in 1935 but also because it is among the two amusement parks in the world that are protected by government legislation. That is, several buildings on the site are listed on the Register of the National Estate and the NSW State Heritage Register.


Tickets to the rides are priced according to the height requirements as well as the type of your pass. For example, children with a height of 85-105 cm can enjoy the Mini Money Mondays Red pass costing AU$16 only!


The best thing about the Park is…admission is always FREE!


Strategic Park Layout

Strategic Park Layout

Image Credit: Luna Park Sydney


The layout of the park has 6 distinct sections namely: The Face, Crystal Palace, Big Top, Coney Island, Midway, and Maloney’s Corner. Let us start with the extravagant entrance – The Face. The face itself has been improved and installed 8 times in the course of the Park’s existence. The final face is based on Arthur Barton’s 1950 version of “Old King Cole”.


With the large space that the Crystal Palace occupies, it is mainly used for business and social functions such as wedding receptions. An even bigger space is occupied by the Big Top. The Big Top is a multi-purpose space capable of seating 2,000 people. Some of the events that were staged in it were Kylie Minogue’s Anti Tour and the Australia’s Next Top Model finals.


Moving on to an exciting part of the Park – the Coney Island. Based on the fun houses in United States and Europe, this section contains arcade machines, big slides, rotating barrels, and moving platforms. The Coney Island Pass worth AU$12, gives you unlimited entry to this section all day.


The last two sections are the Midway and Maloney’s Corner. As you may have guessed, the Midway grants you access throughout the main sections of the park. It is also home to the majority of the Park’s permanent rides. The Maloney’s Corner, named after a long-time Park employee, is where temporary rides are set up.


Mind-Blowing Rides


There is a wide variety for rides for the safe ride and the thrill seeker! To help you on your journey, here are simple descriptions of some of the Park’s rides:


1. Hair Raiser


Be raised up to 50 meters above the ground only to be dropped over 80 km/h speed back to earth.


2. Wild Mouse


One of Australia’s favorite rollercoaster, the Wild Mouse will leave you with the most exhilarating 61 seconds of your life.


3. Ferris Wheel


One of the classic rides that even supervised children can enjoy is the Ferris Wheel. It allows you to dazzle upon the view of the Sydney Harbour.


4. Rotor


This gravity-defying ride takes you against the wall and spins you at outrageous speeds until your feet is hanging in mid-air.


5. Mystery Manor


Discover who the legendary Doctor Hoffmeister is as you witness the dark and twisted past of the Manor.


6. Children’s Rides


Luna Park is home to four kid-friendly rides namely: Whirly Wheel, U-Drive, Space Shuttle, and Magic Castle. These rides will surely bring fun and unforgettable memories for your beloved ones!




Address: 1 Olympic Drive Milsons Point NSW 2061, Australia

Telephone: (02) 9922 6644

Operating hours: 2-6 pm on Sundays, 11 am-4 pm on Mondays, and 11 am-10 pm on Fridays to Saturdays


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