Fun and Creative Corporate Christmas Party Themes 2019


Christmas countdown has already started and people are getting ready for their holiday shopping. And as an adult, we’re a ‘little bit’ pressured on buying gifts for our family, relatives, friends, and godchild of course.


Funny how Christmas turned from receiving money and gifts to giving and buying gifts for others. Well, that’s how life goes but don’t worry, adults can have fun during the holidays too. The most awaited event in our workplace is here, the Christmas party.


The classic corporate Christmas parties wherein we are forced to dance or sing just for fun’s sake. The only day where we can play insane and funny games, and give gifts to our officemates. This is also our chance to bring home rice sack bag, electric fans, spaghetti ingredients, etc.


This is also the time to enjoy good food with your friends. But of course, Christmas parties should have a theme. If you are running out of ideas, here are some fun and creative corporate Christmas party themes for 2019!


Nightmare Before Christmas Party Theme

Nightmare Before Christmas Party

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We’re not kids anymore, so a goth Christmas is fine. Besides, the decoration is not a problem here because you can use the decorations that you used last Halloween party.


Picking what to wear is also easier than other themes. Release your inner goth, black is the most recommendable color for this theme and I know that your closet is full of black clothes. 


Oh, and don’t forget to put a Christmas hat to the iconic Jack Skellington.


Superhero Christmas Party Theme

Superhero Christmas Party

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I’m sure if this is your Christmas party theme, plenty of men will scream internally. It’s time to release your fanboy/fangirl heart. You can also take this opportunity to divide the DC and Marvel fans and see who has better decorations and costumes.


Of course, the winning team will have lifetime bragging rights in the workplace.


Black Tie Christmas Party Theme

Black Tie Christmas party theme

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Simple and classy. If you want to have a formal Christmas party, this theme is what you need. Make sure that there’s a dress code so that everyone is aware of what they should wear.


An elegant way to celebrate the holiday. Get ready to pose for your #OOTD on social media, the best way to end the year.


Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Theme

Winter Wonderland Christmas Party

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“Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, snow is glistening. A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland.”


I know that you sang it! Well, enough of the black stuff. A winter wonderland theme will surely make your corporate Christmas party magical.


I know that Frozen became a trend for the past few years but we’re adults so we’ll upgrade to the Winter Wonderland theme. A magical and mesmerizing theme with the spirit of Christmas.


And if you’re in the Philippines, we all know that snow is one of our dreams so this theme will surely make all our dreams come true.


Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Theme

Ugly Sweater Party Christmas Theme

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The ugly sweater Christmas party has been an iconic theme not just to corporate parties but in school parties too. This theme will release our creativity, well, to create something ugly I guess?


This party will not stress you or make you overthink if you’re outfit is ugly because that’s the goal of this party theme.


Being an adult is hard. All eyes are on you, what are your achievements? Where do you work? Are you doing your responsibilities? Do you pay your bills on time? Never-ending questions are always there. But always remember that we are allowed to rest and to chill from time to time.


Some of us might think that Christmas parties are not necessary. “We’re too old for that” but this is our chance to know our officemates more and talk about something that is not work-related. It’s our chance to bring back our enthusiasm and enjoy the moment.


Don’t be too hard on yourself, adults can have fun too. Enjoy every moment while it lasts.  Now, are you ready to practice for your Christmas dance?


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