FOOD COMA: What to Expect in the Sydney Night Noodle Market 2018?

More reason to be excited this October! For the foodies and food gobblers alike, it’s the time again to satisfy your epicurean desires in the Annual Night Noodle Market by Good Food Month!


When and Where?!


If you say Good Food Month, people associate it the most with the Night Noodle Market. This much-anticipated event has been running for already 12 years.


What’s in store for this year is 40 Compelling Asian Food Stalls to feed off your hungry-selves in a fun night of music, lanterns, and delectable dishes.


The event will be held in Hyde Park from October 4 to October 21. The schedule is as follows:


5pm –   9pm Monday to Tuesday

5pm – 10pm Wednesday to Thursday

5pm – 11pm Friday

4pm – 10pm Saturday

4pm – 9pm Sunday


The Lineup for Food Coma!

The Lineup for Food Coma!

Image Credit: Good Month


This year is a killer. Feast your bellies with renowned food stores like:


Gelato Messina, Hoy Pinoy, The Original Korean Twist Potato, Mr Bao, Shallot Thai, Donburi Station, Waffleland, Wonderbao, Donut Papi, Eat Fuh, Puffle, Poklol, Chat Thai, Teppanyaki Noodle, The Wagyu, May’s Malaysian Hawker, Bangkok Street Food, Black Star Pastry, Satay Brothers, McHenry Avenue, Grumpy G’s Kitchen, Chinese Dim Sum King, N2 Extreme Gelato, Chur Burger, The Hard Style Kitchen, Thai Riffic plus more to be announced soon.


If you have heard some of the names, you’re sure to be induced with Food Coma this coming October. But there is more in store for you.


For the Filipino’s Craving

  For the Filipino's Craving  

It’s a highlight of Filipino Food with Gelato Messina‘s menu for the year. They are known to create unique entrées with seasonal inspirations ranging from Japanese Mr. Miyagi to Airwicks.


Check out their desserts ranging from Allo Allo! (Halo Halo), Thrilla from Manila (Turon), and The Jolli P (Their take on Jollibee’s Peach Mango Pie). Of course with the touch of Gelato Messina’s gourmet decadence. Yum!


And what’s eating in the streets without our very own Pinoy BBQ. Hoy Pinoy will boast our yummy barbie with humongous sticks of meaty goodness. I can’t help but salivate as I imagine the Pinoy flavors dancing in my mouth.


20th Anniversary Treat: Lucky 3 Asian Eating House

  20th Anniversary Treat- Lucky 3 Asian Eating House  

It’s also the 20th Anniversary of the festival and we’re given the luck to try food by literal master chefs in this year’s Lucky 3 Asian Eating House. The restaurant will be run by:


The Legendary – Spice Temple (October 4 to 9)

The Masters of Malay – Mamak (October 10 to 15)

Masterchef 2017 – Diana Chan (October 16 to 21)


It’s another excuse to visit this Food paradise because of this limited feature.


Last Reminders


So are you ready? Entrance is FREE. But remember to bring your credit cards because this is a cashless event.


With that, strategize with your friends to cover more ground. Assign someone who will scour the terrain, reserve seats, and munch the night away. With this so much delicious food, I shout: “Just take my money!” Have fun!

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