Flower Trivia: What Do these Flowers Represent?

Flowers have been part of our lives, especially during special occasions. Whether its birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, weddings, anniversaries, and even during all souls’ and saints’ day giving flowers has always been part of our culture.


But did you know that flowers have different messages and symbolism depending on their type and colors? Yes, before giving flowers to someone always make sure that you know what it represents first. To express your feelings more and to send a message that you cannot say, here are different types of flowers with their meanings.




The Carnation is not that popular but it has very great meaning when giving to someone. White Carnation means, “sweet and lovely” while the pink Carnation means “I will never forget you.” 


Sounds sweet, right? But sending the wrong color of Carnation might ruin a relationship since two-toned carnation means “I cannot be with you” and yellow carnations signifies “disdain” to someone.

Carnation and Sunflower



Sunflower has been a trend for the past years in the Philippines. Because of its vibrant color, sunflower symbolizes adoration and loyalty. It is also known as the “happy” flower that can brighten someone’s day.


Red Tulips


Red tulips have a simple yet pure meaning. Giving someone a red tulip means declaring your love for them. It’s a great replacement for a red rose if you think it’s cliché 

Red Tulips and Daisy



Daisies are known for their white color and small form that’s why it represents innocence and purity. It’s the best flowers to give to your younger sister or even your daughter.




Pansy came from the French word pansée. This flower expresses thoughtfulness and remembrance.

Pansy and Lavender meaning



We’re all familiar to Lavander because of its scent. Giving someone a bouquet of Lavander means you are devoted to them. It also means grace, calmness, and purity.




Some of you might not be familiar with Chrysanthemum. Its spelling and pronunciation can give you a hard time but this flower has a simple message. And that’s honesty.

Chrysanthemum and Black-Eyed Susan meaning

Black-Eyed Susan


This flower is just like a sunflower but smaller. And besides its bright color, Black-eyed Susan flowers represent justice, encouragement, and motivation. 




Daffodil represents “new beginnings” it’s the best gift to someone who’s celebrating new relationships, new home, new job, etc.

Daffodil and Lilac meaning



The meaning of Lilac flowers depends on its color. Magenta Lilacs symbolizes love and passion while the light purple represents first love.


Morning Glory


The morning glory flowers often symbolize love, affection, and mortality. But sometimes it can also mean love in vain.

Morning Glory and Lily-of-the-Valley meaning



Also known as May lily, these little bells give a message of sweetness. It often symbolizes chastity, happiness, luck, and sometimes “return to happiness.”




Before giving a Tansy to anyone, make sure that you know the message that it symbolizes. These puffballs flowers may look friendly but it actually means,  “I declare war on you.”

Tansy and Camellia meaning



Giving a Camellia to someone actually means “my destiny is in your hands.” It’s color also depends on your relationship with the receiver. Pink camellia is for someone you miss, white camellia should be given to someone you like, and red camellia is for a significant other.




Heliotrope is one of the most passionate flowers. If you want to declare your endless love to someone, heliotrope is the best flower for you because it represents eternal love.

Heliotrope and Goldenrod meaning



The goldenrod may not be the ideal flower to give to someone who has allergies but its a great representation of encouragement and growth. It can be given to show support after a loss or in a difficult time.



Roses colors meaning

The most common flower to give to someone special. Roses have been in the spotlight for centuries but did you know that its meaning also depends on its color? 

  • Red roses – the most common of all. Red roses obviously represent “love”
  • White Roses – symbolizes marriage and spirituality, white roses mean “a heart unacquainted with love.”
  • Yellow Roses – represent friendship and cheer.
  • Pink Roses – symbolizes grace and elegance.
  • Blue Roses – represent mystery and intrigue, often used by a secret admirer.
  • Peach Roses – modesty, sincerity, and gratitude.
  • Orange Roses – enthusiasm and passion.

Giving flowers is one of the most thoughtful things that anyone can do. It can actually make someone’s day better and turn a frown into a smile. And it doesn’t mean that only lovers can do this flower-giving thingy, you can also give flowers to your friends, siblings, parents, and relatives to show appreciation, motivation, and adoration to them.

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