Five Things Successful People Do on Sundays to Prepare For the Week

Have you heard of the term “Sunday Scaries?” If not, you’re probably familiar with the feeling.


From school children to high-level executives, most people experience an increasing sense of dread throughout the last day of the weekend. It’s hard not to resent Mondays since it means getting back into the grind after a restful couple of days (if you’re lucky). Hence, the anxiety that Sunday night brings can feel especially oppressive.


However, we can also look at Sundays as a chance to prepare ourselves for the week ahead. We may not have much control over what can happen from Monday onwards, but there are some preparations that can make our work days less stressful and possibly even more productive:


  1. Resist the urge to pig out.
  2. 1-Resist the urge to pig out

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    Look, there’s nothing wrong with ringing in the weekend with a box of greasy, delicious pizza and some cold bottles of beer. You can feast all you want on Friday and Saturday, but aim for lighter and healthier meals on Sunday. 


    Lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and high-fiber fruits and vegetables keep you full while aiding your digestion. Don’t forget to load up on lots of water as well, and nix the mimosas at Sunday brunch. Alcohol, along with excessive grease and fat, can fog up your mind and make you feel sluggish well into the next day.


  3. …Or to veg out.
  4. 2-Or to veg out

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    In front of the television, I mean. Sure, you can catch up on Netflix during the weekend, but try not to make it the only thing on the agenda.


    Contrary as it sounds, your Sunday (and your Monday, by extension) can be far more stress-free if you get the more annoying chores out of the way early on. This could mean doing that load of laundry, ironing your work clothes for the week, or even doing your meal prep ahead of time. 


    Once you’re done, you have more time to relax without worrying about stuff you’ve been putting off. As a bonus, you can get to work the next day without scrambling for clean clothes beforehand.


  5. Indulge in a meaningful or productive hobby.
  6. 3-Indulge in a meaningful or productive hobby

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    If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at painting or yoga, Sundays present the perfect opportunity. These activities aren’t just relaxing, they can also help you discover or develop some new skills.


    Furthermore, when you engage in pastimes that connect you to the things and people you value, you also recharge your mental and emotional batteries.


  7. Engage in a little prep work.
  8. 4-Engage in a little prep work

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    How do you free-up your head space and reduce your pre-Monday anxiety? You plan ahead.


    It takes little more than an hour too. In that time, you can write up a to-do list, check your calendar, and perhaps draft a few email reminders for yourself or a co-worker. 


    I know, I know. You can wait till Monday morning to do that, but why not gift the future you with a relatively leisurely start the following day?


  9. Get a good night’s sleep.
  10. 5-Get a good night’s sleep

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    This is perhaps the best thing you can do to prepare for Monday. Push comes to shove, you can pretty much neglect everything else on this list.


    Why? Getting enough rest is necessary for your mind and body to take on next week’s challenges. Even just one sleepless night can hamper your alertness and decision-making abilities greatly, and you need both in top shape on Monday morning.


    So, how do you go about this? Again, eating right and staying off alcohol helps. Twenty minutes of cardiovascular exercise does too, along with avoiding certain activities prior to bed.


Of course, getting rid of the Sunday Scaries isn’t always so straightforward or easy. But there’s no reason why we can’t use all that pent-up anxiety as fuel, right?

Serena Estrella

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