5 Reasons Why Filipinos Should Use a Registered Australian Migration Agent

Whether you are planning to apply for a working visa or want to sponsor someone from the Philippines to migrate to Australia, the chances of your visa application being approved significantly increases when you use a Registered Australian Migration Agent.


Registered Australian migration agents provide immigration assistance to visa applicants. They can provide advice on your visa requirements as well as lodge a visa application on your behalf.


Take note, a migration agent must be REGISTERED with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MIRA). I’m putting emphasis on the word “registered,” as it is illegal in Australia for anyone to give immigration advice without being a registered agent.


But then, anyone can lodge his/her visa applications themselves. Why bother coursing it through a migration agent? These are five reasons why Filipinos should use a registered Australian Migration Agent.


They Are Knowledgeable

They Are Knowledgeable

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Are you confused which visa applies to you? Visa number this, visa number that. There are quite a number of visas to Australia for Filipinos.


Thankfully, these migration agents save you the hassle of blindly applying for visa types. Registered migration agents are fully knowledgeable of Australia’s immigration law and procedures. They can thoroughly explain which visa options are available to you and will be able to tell you the best actions to take.


They Are Working in Your Best Interest


Do you also have trust issues? It may be from a broken relationship or from past people that scammed you. When dealing with Registered Migration Agents, you are most likely safe from this worries.


Through the Migration Agents Code of Conduct, registered migration agents are bound to act in your best interest and required to give you accurate advice. Worst case, you can report them directly to MARA.


Your Documents Are Safe

Your Documents Are Safe

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Are you the clumsy, absent-minded type? Well, I am. And I’ve “misplaced” countless of significant items on multiple occasions. With Registered Migration Agents, the fear of losing another crucial document is avoided.


Registered migration agents are required to keep records of their clients for seven years. Using a registered migration agent minimizes your risks of losing important documents.


You Are in the Know

You Are in the Know

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Are you left jittery with the results? Where do you find out the results? With Registered Migration Agents, you are always updated.


It is mandatory for registered migration agents to tell you about the outcome of your visa application in a timely manner.


Your Visa Application Money is Safe


Lastly, registered migration agents are obligated to manage your money in a separate account until all the necessary services have been provided. Their accounts are continually audited.


By using a registered migration agent, you won’t run the risk of losing your hard-earned money.

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