Five Easy Homemade Alternatives to Christmas Trees

The older I get, the quicker Christmas seems to creep up on me each year. Whew.


As I write this, it’s 3 December on the calendar and I have yet to draft my gift-giving list for the holidays. To be honest, it’s not something I look forward to as much as I did when I was much younger. Ah, adulting really does have a way of sapping the fun out of things.


Decorating the house for the holidays is another chore that can get a bit bothersome over the years. Who wants to retrieve, put up, and hang garlands around a big tree, only to do all of that in reverse come January, right?


Fortunately, there are some fuss-free alternatives to the conventional tree that you can try at home, should you feel too strapped for time, cash, effort, or all of the above this year:


  1. Washi Tape Tree.
    Washi Tape Tree

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    Washi tape is available at just about all crafts stores and big bookstores. They look like colored, patterned rolls of paper tape and are absolutely smashing taped up on a bare white wall in a triangular tree pattern.


    For extra oomph, you can string up your ornaments and attach them onto the tree with a bit of clear tape or use different kinds of patterned and colored washi tape when adding details to your makeshift Christmas tree.


  3. Garlanded Wooden Ladder.
    Garlanded Wooden Ladder

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    I realize this looks nothing like a Christmas tree, but bear with me here.


    Propping up a wooden ladder against the wall and hanging velvet stockings on it, along with a couple of faux pine garlands results in a minimal yet jovial look. Nothing like a Scandinavian aesthetic to add a bit of variety.


  5. Chalkboard Tree.
  6.   Chalkboard Tree  

    If you’ve got some extra wall space, you can coat a section with some chalkboard paint from floor to ceiling. Once it dries, you’ll have a literal canvas upon which to construct your dream Christmas decor set-up with very few materials.


    For instance, you can use chalk to draw your own tree with a roaring fireplace beside it. Adding some Christmas lights and/or tacking on some leaves or stockings can give the entire display a more three-dimensional look as well.


    As a bonus, you can repurpose your chalkboard wall for other things after the holidays. Simply erase the current drawings and use the resulting space to write a daily to-do-list or simply to doodle on whenever the mood strikes you.


  7. Tree Print.
  8.   Tree Print  

    Feeling really lazy? Pick up a poster of a Christmas tree and simply hang it up on your wall. You can either leave it as it is or add a string of ornaments to make it look more vibrant.


  9. Crepe Paper Layers.
  10.   Crepe Paper Layers  

    Take a few rolls of crepe paper and fringe their edges with a pair of scissors, and then layer them on top of the other in tiers against the wall. Gold and silver crepe work especially well here, but feel free to go monochrome or to play around with different color combinations.


    A handful of paper stars and a tree topper cut-out finishes off the look.


Christmas as an adult can be quite taxing, yes, but having a few festive trimmings at home can help lighten the mood somehow and perhaps even make you feel a little less lonely if you’re far away from home. With a fair bit of creativity and resourcefulness, it appears that you can still bask in the spirit of the season without burning yourself out.

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