What Filipinos Should Expect When Living and Working in Australia’s Northern Territory

Are you deciding to work in the Land Down Under? The opportunities in Australia are definitely better than some countries. But where do you look exactly? Finding a job might be a hard task.


But then, just in case you’re considering some job offers in Australia’s Northern Territory, we got you a primer to the Northern Territory. This is what you should expect when living and working in Australia’s Northern Territory.


Cost of Living

  Cost of Living  

The Northern Territory (NT) is located at the central and northern region of Australia. It is the third biggest federal state but has roughly 244,000 in population, making it the least crowded.


Now, we compare the cost of living. City-wise, Darwin is relatively cheaper compared to Sydney. Also, basic necessities are a little less. But rent is definitely lower compared to other Australian cities.


But the average salary is lower compared to more expensive cities.


Major Industries: Agriculture, Mining, ICT, and National Defence


Alongside checking the cost of living, knowing the state of some major industries can have an impact on your job search as well.


The agriculture sector comprises broad-acre cropping, pasture seed, and hay production. Plantations range from melons, citrus, mangoes to bananas, dragonfruit, and common vegetables.

  This sector comprises plant industries, agricultural sector, and animal industry  

As for animal industries, Australia is famed for cattle and buffalo production. And Northern Australia also has numerous crocodile farms that supply meat and alligator skin for international export.



Mining in Northern Territory

Image Credit: ABC News


The Australian’s heavily rely on Mining as an economic driver. It’s worth roughly more than $4 Billion dollars a year. And NT has the largest mining sites in all of Australia.


To name a few, it includes Ranger (the second world’s largest uranium mine), GEMCO (the nation’s largest manganese miner), and Callie (6th largest Goldmine).


Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


The ICT sector in NT is certainly vibrant. Multinational companies such as Telstra, Fujitsu, and Opus had setup international operation in this area. Many SMEs are also present in the industry catering to software development, database maintenance, and multimedia.


National Defence

Northern Territory Defence

Image Credit: Navy Daily


The location of NT is strategically important to Australia’s defence. The military defence present in Northern Territory provides opportunities for its population. With $1.5 Billion Dollars of spending, that is clearly a hefty amount.


The Australian Defence Force continuously recruits defence reserves, cadets, non-uniform Departmental jobs. Also, navy, army and air force employment.


Filipino Communities and Events


If you’ve finally reached a decision, it is a perk to know a thriving Filipino community in NT.


You can start off with the Filipino Australian Association of the Northern Territory (FAANT). It was established in 1973 under the leadership of its first president, Lino Molina.


For more than 30 years, FAANT has provided services and events to the Filipino-Australian community such as the Darwin Festival, Barrio Fiesta, and the Independence Day. Their vision is “Hindi ka nag-iisa, kahit nasa NT ka” [You are not alone, even if you’re in NT].

The Filipino Australian Association of NT

Image Credit: TheFilipino


For your parents, the Filipiniana Senior Citizens Associations Inc. might help them connect with new friends in NT. They also provide multiple events throughout the year for senior citizens.

Filipiniana Senior Citizens Associations Inc.

Image Credit: Bayanihan News


Lastly, the Mabuhay Multicultural Association is a group you can check if you’re within the Alice Springs vicinity. The group accommodates all Filipinos whether you just arrived or are already staying in NT for a long time.


Check this list for other groups you can join too as well.




Migrating to Australia might be a daunting task. But knowing important information beforehand might save you some trouble. Or at the very least, you won’t be that shocked when you finally settle in. Good Luck!

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