Filipino Restaurants in Australia That Will Give You a Taste of Home

Are you in Australia and feeling a little bit homesick? Are you missing the Philippines? The environment and the food? Well, we have a solution for that!


Let’s admit it, as a Filipino, we know that our lifestyle is connected to food. We enjoy cooking different dishes every Fiesta, Christmas, Birthdays, and even in a simple gathering with our family. That’s why we’re having a difficult time once we leave the Philippines, fortunately, there are a lot of Filipino Restaurants in Australia.


So, if you’re missing Filipino food, you better try these restaurants that will definitely give you a taste of home.


Delikase Filipino Cuisine


Delikase Filipino Cuisine offers our favorite meals such as Lechon Pork Roll Belly, Pork Dinuguan, Pancit Canton Guisado, Halo-Halo Special, and many more.


“Our party of five really enjoyed our meal at Delikase. Favourite dishes were the sweet and sour fish as well as the weekend special Split pork. The atmosphere and service were great, with a lovely family feel. Delikase is in the Canberra Entertainment book.” – Emily


They also offer takeaway or deliveries that you can order online, now that’s what I’m saying! You can now have the opportunity to relax in your own home and wait until your favorite Filipino food arrive.


Location: 39 O’Hanlon Place, Nicholls 2931, Australia


Mama Lor Restaurant & Bakery


Mama Lor is a family restaurant that offers traditional Filipino dishes, breads, and cakes. It was established by a simple family from Cebu with the heart to make every Filipino feel close to home- Philippines.


Mama Lor offers Beef Kare-Kare, Sinigang na Hipon, Ampalaya with Dilis, Sizzling Bangus, and many more. They really do have a mouthwatering menu that will surely make you crave.


They also have desserts that you can enjoy after a satisfying meal. They have Ube Crème, Ginataang Bilo-bilo, Sans Rival, and etc.


Besides the food, Mama Lor Restaurant has a very relaxing and homey ambiance inside. Just like what their welcome sign say, “There’s no place like home.”


Location: Shop 5/39-45 Rooty Hill Rd North, Rooty Hill, NSW, 2766, Australia


Sizzling Fillo Restaurant & Karaoke Bar

  Sizzling Fillo Restaurant & Karaoke Bar  

If you’re into the warm, stylish, and friendly atmosphere, Sizzling Fillo is the place for you! Their meals are made for barkadas and families, it is also a kid-friendly restaurant so it is a perfect place to bond while eating.


Sizzling Fillo offers a Boodle Feast or Boodle fight in their menu that will give you a true Filipino dining experience. Crispy Pata, Prawns, Daing, Salted eggs with onion and tomato salad, sizzling sisig, you name it!


And of course, a Filipino celebration will not be complete if there’s no Karaoke! After eating your favorite food, you can now sing your heart out as if you’re in the Philippines.


Location: 36 Railway Street, Lidcombe, New South Wales


Being away from your own country is sometimes frustrating especially to OFWs. This kind of sacrifice can really tell that Filipinos will do anything just to give the needs of their family. Luckily, there are places where OFWs can still feel home and build new friendship that will help them to be more positive and work harder.


To all the OFWs out there, kudos to all of you!

Samantha Baluyot

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