Filipinas in Australia Guide: How to Get Your NSO Marriage Contract


Do you need to get your marriage contract but do not have the time and resources to fly all the way to the Philippines?


No problem, if you got married in the Philippines, you can request for your NSO copy of the marriage contract through the Philippine Statistics Office E-Census website.


Through the website you can request for NSO copies of birth certificates, CENOMAR, marriage and death certificates. All these can be ordered online and delivered right at your doorstep through the Philippine Statistics Office E-census. You may visit the website here.


Step 1 Online Application


For each certificate you request, you will be asked to enter information like: your name, delivery address, telephone number, and e-mail address. You also need to input some information about your marriage.


Step 2 Payment


For marriage certificates, they will charge US $20 or AUD26.47. You may pay through credit card, BDO remit subsidiaries and local banks.


E-census accepts any Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Diners Club International credit cards.


For BDO remit subsidiaries using any of the remittance partners, you will get a message PAID/FOR PROCESSING or IN PROGRESS within two working days after BDO sends confirmation that it received the payment form their partners (at least 2 days after payment from source country.) Remittance fees apply using this payment mode.


You can also pay through a local bank. As of writing, only Westpac bank is a correspondent foreign bank for Australia and it will take almost a month before you can hear back from e-census.


This is because the Land Bank of the Philippines will be able to receive credit advice after 2-3 weeks on the date of your payment from Westpac. Only then will they contact NSO. It will take two working days before NSO can confirm with E-census that it received credit advice.


Step 3 Delivery


Requested certificates are sent abroad using PhilPost registered mail and arrive in 6 to 8 weeks after payment. It is possible to receive the documents in 5-8 workings days after payment by availing other courier service, provided that you pay for the courier fees. If you decide to do this, mail


Gone are the days when you need to follow a long queue of people just to get one piece of paper. Arguably, the agency can find means to make the process easier and the delivery faster even for those abroad –especially that many Filipinos reside overseas.


Still, accessing these important and legal papers are just one click away, less hassle, just needs little more waiting time in the comforts of your own home.


Plus, having a copy of your marriage contract is a great way to remember the day you each promised to be together, til death do you part.

Rica J

I am a mother, a wife and a technology loving Filipina who loves reading hi-fiction books (dragons!) , good stories, dancing, laughter, lying on the grass and eating balut. I am born and raised in the Philippines and now resides in Australia but finds myself in the Philippines for at least 3 months a year. I am part of the Filipino Australian Community and have been living between Australia and the Philippines since 2007.

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