Filipinas in Australia Guide: How to Change Your Passport Name into Your Married Name


Are you ready to take your husband’s name and flaunt that wedding ring?


Using your husband’s surname is not automatic nor mandatory. After your wedding, you can still use your name and avoid the hassle of changing it in your social media accounts, e-mail signatures, bank accounts, and company and government IDs.


On the other hand, you don’t get to share the last name of your husband and your future children. Weighing the pros and cons, surname change may not be so bad. Besides, it is just a matter of preparing some documents and passing them to several name-change-in-charge- agencies, right?


So, who is in charge of changing your name in your passport?


If you are in Australia, you can visit the Philippine Embassy in Canberra or Philippine Consulate in Sydney. If you are not from anywhere near the two locations, you can always check the embassy’s website for their Mobile Passport Mission schedules. You can check more about the mission and how to renew your passport using this link (insert here).


For women who were married in Australia, you can have your surname changed by preparing and personally bringing the following documents on your appointment with the embassy or consulate:


1.    Passport Application form


You can download the application for through the Embassy and Consulate websites or download it right here.


2.    Passport application fee


The fee is AUD 108 and should be paid in Cash, Austrian money order or bank cheque.


3.    Original and photocopy of Philippine passport


Bring your new or expired passport along with a photocopy of the passport’s first page, last page and Australian visa page


4.    Marriage Contract


If you were married in Australia, marriage certificates and other similar documents can be requested from the Registry Birth, Death and Marriages office. If you got married in NSW, you can request for your Report of Marriage online, by mail or by a visit to the office in person.


If you want to know how to get one, check our guide on how to get your marriage record.


Married in another state? Check this link to find out where your nearest registry office and centres are: Other Registries and Links


If you are married in the Philippines, order your NSO marriage certificate online through and have them delivered right at your doorstep through the Philippine Statistics Office E-census website. You may visit the website here.


Want to know more about the NSO certificates? Check our guide on how to get your NSO Marriage Contact.


5.    For Permanent visa status holders before 1 July 2007 provide any of the two additional requirements:


a. Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) dated within seven days of date of application


b. Or DIAC Certificate of Evidence of Residence Status (CERS) issued within three months of the date of application.


Now that you know how to have your passport name changed, go to the nearest embassy or consulate and have your passport updated. Make your new legal name match all documents by registering your married name in appropriate agencies.


Adopting your husband’s name is one Filipino tradition that expresses your binding promise to be his partner, his lover, and his forever.

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