Excellent Books That Welcome You To The Life Down Under


Deep in the vast wilderness and bustling cities of contemporary Australia is the country’s rich history, interesting lifestyle, and delicious cuisine. Before you pack all your bags and eventually relocate in the South, it is important to educate yourself about these topics.


Learn best by reading these books in print or in digital format:




The Harp In The South


Let us start this list with a classical gem called Ruth Park’s “The Harp in the South”. A widely popular piece of realist Australian literature, The Harp in the South, is one of the most read novels of the late 20th century. The novel paints a story of the complex lives of Hugh and Margaret Darcy who resides in a post-war slum in Sydney – Surry Hills. Despite the scarcity of money, pervasive violence, and general daily struggles, Harp suggests that community and compassion can exist.


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Aside from its sentimental note, this books gives you a look inside the emerging nation of Australia as it mixes both the religious and national identity of its characters. Filled with words that will make you laugh and cry, this book is surely worth your time.


Down Under: Travels In A Sunburned Country


Internationally acclaimed author Bill Bryson is known for his eccentric, humorous, and unusual takes on a country’s history and culture. In one of his best works called “Down Under: Travels In A Sunburned Country” or “In A Sunburned Country”, Bryson travels throughout Australia via car and train to unlock the secrets of this special nation. Australia’s specialness starts with the fact that it is a country that doubles as a continent. It is home to the friendliest inhabitants and the most lethal animals. He describes these key features with the locals as he converse with them about the history, geography, wildlife, culture, and amenities in their land.


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As you read through the pages, you will see how much the author adores the place. Wherever he went, he found Australians who were sociable, cheerful, and unfailingly obliging. So if you want to get to know Australia beyond what is said by the tour guides, this book is perfect for you.




Tetsuya: Recipes From Australia’s Most Acclaimed Chef


Tetsuya Wakuda is considered as Australia’s most innovative chef due to his unique techniques and bold creativity. In fact, his Sydney restaurant has been rated among the finest in the world.

  What separates his recipe book from the most is that it fuses Australian and Asian cuisine into a melting pot of complementing flavors. Furthermore, it is accompanied by stunning photography and pleasing commentary to make every page satisfying for the eyes.  

 Australian Food: In Celebration of New Australian Cuisine


Leading Australian food writer Alan Sauders will take you on an exciting food journey as he assembled more than 140 recipes from 54 local chefs and other professionals. He begins by defining Australian cuisine and talking about its relatively short history.

Australian Food: In Celebration of New Australian Cuisine

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The Australian cuisine is demonstrated in this book through the vivid combination of indigenous ingredients, historical quality of food, and influences from Australia’s immigrant populations.




Living And Working In Australia: A Survival Handbook


As the name suggests, “Living and Working in Australia: A Survival Handbook” provides newcomers with the practical knowledge necessary for their hassle-free relocation. It is an essential read for anyone who is planning to extend their stay in OZ.

Living And Working In Australia: A Survival Handbook

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Based on personal experience, I can attest how hard it is to adjust to an extremely different culture from our own. This is why many people experience a stage known as “culture shock”. To ease your transition from this stage to gradual adjustment, this book will enlighten you with important lifestyle information and insider tips.


Lonely Planet – Australia


What better way to begin your journey to unknown land than by opening the pages of “Lonely Planet – Australia”. Lonely Planet’s long-standing publishing record emphasizes on the broad travel industry coverage. Interestingly, its headquarters is found in Melbourne. With the local advantage, this book serves as your ticket to the most relevant and updated advice about Australia. For example, it contains information about the country’s daily costs, currency, time zones, and top nature spots.

Lonely Planet - Australia

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Whether you are keen to explore the amazing tropical jungle in Daintree Rainforest or to relax in the beautiful waters of Sydney’s Bondi Beach, this book is your trusted travel companion.

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