Everything You Need to Know About NSW’s Digital Driver’s License

A driver’s license remains an integral part of any functional adult’s arsenal, especially in Western countries like Australia. It would be very challenging indeed to get around and get stuff done around here if you couldn’t drive for one reason or another. 


Thus, obtaining an AU driver’s license is high on the list of priorities for many a Pinoy migrant, and with good reason too. For starters, it takes four years on average (!) to get one if you’re starting from scratch. Once you’ve got one, though, you’re golden.


Recently, however, there has been a new development regarding AU driver’s licenses, particularly those in New South Wales. It’s called the Digital Driver’s License (DDL).


What is the Digital Driver’s License?

What is the Digital Driver’s License_

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Basically, this is the digital version of your NSW Driver License. It’s a soft copy, if you will, and it’s available through the Service NSW App. 


In addition, the DDL is available for all NSW driver’s license holders. However, it’s entirely optional and does not necessarily replace existing license cards.


How Does It Differ From a Regular License?

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There really isn’t much of a difference, except that the DDL comes with a QR code. This allows law enforcement officials to scan your license more quickly. Also, unlike a conventional license, the DDL reflects any data changes in real time.


Where Can I Get One?

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First, you’ll need to download the latest version of the Service NSW App. Android users can get it here, while iPhone users can use this link


Afterwards, log into the app with your MyServiceNSW Account and follow the prompts.


How Much Does It Cost?

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Here’s the best part: NSW drivers can get their Digital Driver’s Licenses free of charge!


Can I Use the DDL as an ID?

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Yes, you should have no trouble presenting the DDL as proof of identity. Currently, Australian venues like bars, pubs, nightclubs, and restaurants have been briefed about it.


On the other hand, since the technology is still quite new, it could take some time for all license checkers to accept the DDL.


Do I Still Need to Bring My Physical License Once I’ve Got a DDL?

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Perhaps not, but it would be good to bring it along in case your phone runs out of juice. Furthermore, cracking your screen automatically invalidates your DDL as identification, so watch out for that. 


What If I Haven’t Got Any Data Coverage?

What If I Haven’t Got Any Data Coverage_

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So long as you’re logged in, you can access the Service NSW app’s offline view. Simply type in your PIN to reveal your digital driver’s license.


Lastly, while the NSW DDL certainly sounds very convenient, you might need a bit of extra patience setting up. Because of the sheer volume of people eager to try the app, recent users reported stability issues. Prompts like “something went wrong,” and “please try again” greeted more than 60,000 people who rushed to make the switch last weekend.


Still, the project was officially slated for launch next year, so the authorities have time to address these issues.


In the meantime, let’s all sit back and see if this new development will bring us closer to a wallet-free future. 

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