Embrace our Pinoy Culture with these Mythical Creatures and Lumad Dolls Collection

Nowadays, Filipinos have shown many ways to support and share our rich culture to the world. Thanks to the internet, people are sharing a lot of Pinoy crafts that definitely makes us proud to be Pinoy.


Just like these handcrafted ornaments and dolls by the mothers of HOME (Handcrafters of Mary Enterprise) Plush Toys.




Image credit: facebook.com/pg/PangolinCrafts


Pangolin Crafts is a social enterprise that aims to tell stories while patronizing local artisans and sustainable materials. Each ornament that they produce is handcrafted by the mothers of HOME Plush Toys using indigenous weaves from ANTHILL Fabric Gallery.


They just started this July and has released six crafts inspired by Philippine’s Mythical creatures. They have the Panigotlo (Deer), Pili (Dog), Sinan Baboy (Pig), Tigmamanukan (Bird), Pongkoe (Long Arms), and Kamanan Daplak (Leaf Spirit).


You can purchase these unique crafts on their page, facebook.com/PangolinCrafts




Image credit: homeplushtoysph.com


HOME Plush Toys has also introduced Lumad, a Philippine Indigenous Dolls Collection. Lumad is the Visayan word for “native” or Indigenous.


Home celebrates the beautiful diversity of our Filipino culture. In fact, their goal is for people to discover the stories of our indigenous brothers and sisters through these beautiful dolls in their handwoven traditional wear.


They have released 16 Lumad dolls with male and female versions that represent seven indigenous communities in the country.


These dolls are all wearing their traditional clothes. They have the Aeta tribe, the Ibaloi tribe, the Kalinga tribe, Manobo warriors, the Maranao, and Talaandig. Addition to those tribes are dolls wearing the Filipino traditional Baro’t Saya.


Handcrafters of Mary Enterprise (HOME)  is an ANTHILL community sewing enterprise initiative comprised of hardworking mother artisans in Tisa and Gawad Kalinga Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines.


These mothers creatively design and put together colorful remnant fabrics to give life to a unique plush toy and work for sustainable livelihood.


You can purchase these adorable dolls on their website, homeplushtoysph.com

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