Embellish Your Home With Affordable Christmas Decorations in 3 Ways


For many Filipino families, the Yuletide season is the perfect time to redecorate their homes. People are allowed to express their creativity to embody the holiday spirit. Months before Christmastime, Filipinos will start to resurrect their old decorations out from the storage. Needless to say, Filipinos take Christmas celebrations seriously.


Some of these decorations no longer hold their longstanding sparkle or charm. So, you came to the right place if you are looking for affordable decorations to replace your old ones!


Visit the “Right” Places

  Visit the Right Places  

As December casts its festive winds, many Filipinos are in a rush to purchase Christmas ornaments at the nearest department stores. This may not be the best strategy to take as both the retailers and the establishments have marked-up the prices. Find better deals from these places:


a. Divisoria


The possibilities of getting a variety of garlands and ribbons for your nest is endless as long as you go to Divisoria. It is your one-stop shop to all things that revolve the Holiday season. From Christmas trees to Santa Claus statues, you name it and Divoria has it! You will be surprised that the price of the Christmas tree ranges from PHP350 to 4,000.


Take this opportunity to purchase inexpensive presents while you are there. As a friendly reminder, please secure all your belongings as it the place is certainly packed during December.


b. Dapitan Arcade


Dapitan Arcade was blessed with an abundance of choices. The stalls in Dapitan Arcade are set up like a tiangge or bazaar where you can negotiate with the sellers. This way, you can double the quantity of the items and still save more money. I cannot deny the fact that this place is safer than Divisoria. More importantly, it covers a smaller area. You can scout around in less than an hour! Talk about saving energy.


c. Quiapo


Apart from religious articles and “healing” potions, Quiapo is known for its insanely cheap home decor. Head to the area under the Quezon bride to purchase from different rows of stalls. These stalls sell handicrafts, nativities, and Capiz lanterns. Quiapo is the place to be if you adore native or locally produced ornaments. Balikbayans (like you) will be glad that they came here.


Take Advantage of Technology


It is a hit and miss in online marketplaces. You can either find a delightful treasure or an item that looks nothing like the given pictures. Start by searching for religious stores that carry festive decorations. One shop that you can browse thru is the Catholic Trade Manila. It was established by the missionaries in 1924. I found several advent and vigil candles that sell for as low as PHP127 and PHP158 respectively.


Let us move on to the preloved possibilities. Many people tidy up their houses during Christmastime. Fortunately, some include ornaments and other decorations in their “junk pile”. Another man’s “trash” can be your “treasure” by going to OLX.ph. OLX allows its users to sell their unused or underused products for an affordable rate. I found a special handcrafted ornaments that with materials from the forests of Bohol. A set of 4 handcrafted decorations retails for PHP150. This is a good deal!


Revamp What You Have

  Revamp What You Have  

When all the above strategies fail and your budget still falls short, try the power of your own artistic capabilities. Make Christmas ornaments that will cost you under PHP500. Here are some of the ideas that you can improve:


a. Sweet Embellishment


Create a room of delight by gathering all the free candy canes that you got from the workplace’s Christmas party. Glue these canes around an empty tin can. Then, tie a red ribbon around it. Fill the can with artificial poinsettias or red flowers to add glamour.


b. Sealed With A Bow


Tie gold and red bows around your square pillows to resemble Christmas gifts. You may also add tags or rhinestones if you want.


c. Floating Festivities


Upcycle an old bottle or vase by filling it with floating candles. Start by pouring water in the container. Add a few drops of food coloring to make your water more “holiday-themed”. Then, put the candle above the water. Light up the whole room!


There are three ways to savor affordable yet quality Christmas decorations. Firstly, you must journey through the right places. Secondly, you can browse through the online marketplaces. Lastly, you may make your own ornaments from the materials that are available at your home. You do not have to spend too much to jazz things up!

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