Eight Apps That’ll Make Life in Perth Easier For Filipino Migrants

Did you know that Stirling, Perth rounds out the top five Aussie towns with the highest number of Filipino migrants? Well, now you do.


Since we recently came out with an article about apps for migrants in Melbourne, it was only right that we did the same for those in Perth. So, whether you’re new to the area or have been living here for quite a few years, any of the following applications might prove useful:


  1. BuggyBuddys.
  2. 1-BuggyBuddys

    Image Credit: BuggyBuddys Facebook


    New to town and would like to make friends? This app can help you out!


    BuggyBuddys is Perth’s leading resource for family-friendly activities. It not only lists events, functions, attractions, and kid-friendly venues, but it also lets you meet up with other parents or families! Other built-in functions include directions to each location and planning facilities for future playdates.


    Available on: App Store and Google Play


  3. FuelView.
  4. 2-FuelView

    Image Credit: newsradio.lk and Apple Apps


    Anyone who’s ever had to manage a budget knows how challenging it can be to manage fuel charges. It’s especially difficult if you’re not too familiar with Perth’s layout yet, but this is where FuelView comes in.


    Using Western Australia’s data for monitoring fuel prices, FuelView reveals those available in your area. This way, you can easily pinpoint the most cost-efficient ones and where to avail of such.


    Available on: App store (though Android users can opt for Bowser Watch)


  5. GetMe2 Perth.
  6. 3-GetMe2 Perth

    Image Credit: Flickr and Apmonk


    As with Melbourne’s PTV, GetMe2Perth helps you plan your daily commute within the area. This app is a godsend for any newcomers or people who simply have trouble getting the hang of public transport. For starters, it lets you find stops near your location and alarms that let you know when they’re departing, among other things.


    However, what is arguably the best thing about GetMe2Perth is that the people behind it actually use public transport. Hence, it certainly won’t tell you to wake up at an ungodly hour to get to your destination


    Available on: Google Play


  7. HealthEngine.
  8. 4-HealthEngine

    Image Credit: Twitter and endtheepidemicla.org


    Think of this as Uber for finding and making appointments for GP doctors, dentists, and chiropractors. With HealthEngine, you can look up the doctors directly, check on the next available appointments, and even peruse reviews.


    Furthermore, this app also enables you to book medical house calls after-hours. This, of course, is perfect if dragging yourself or your family member to the hospital just might make things worse.


    Available on: App Store and Google Play


  9. Parkopedia Parking/City of Perth Parking (CPP) Apps.
  10. 5-Parkopedia Parking City of Perth Parking (CPP) Apps

    Image Credit: cityofperthparking.com


    CPP updates you on available parking spaces and locations, as well as your parking fee’s expiry. Parkopedia, on the other hand, lets you compare prices. You can actually use the latter just about anywhere in the world, but it’s especially useful in Perth where parking rates vary significantly.


    Available on: App Store and Google Play


  11. Perth Airport App.
  12. 6-Perth Airport App

    Image Credit: Twitter


    What? Why would you need an app for an airport? Well, there are lots of ways in which that might actually be helpful. Who wants to end up at the wrong gate or end up waiting for a delayed flight, eh? 


    At Perth’s airport, arrival times can change at the last minute. Their new parking and stopping rules don’t leave a lot of room for error too. Thankfully, the Perth Airport app can function as your personal assistant here as it briefs you on gate numbers, parking availability and costs, and live tracking for inbound flights. 


    Lastly, you can also use the app to get exclusive offers for food and shopping if you’re flying out or arriving!


    Available on: App Store and Google Play


  13. Should iRun Perth.
  14. 7-Should iRun Perth

    Image Credit: adelaidenow.com.au and Apple Apps


    GPS-tracking or transportation apps are great, except when they drain your phone battery or use up your mobile data. With Should iRun Perth, neither are a problem.


    Even if you don’t have Internet access, this app can still tell you when the next train is coming. It also doesn’t require you to switch on your GPS at all times!


    Available on: App Store


  15. Western Australia Emergency Waiting Times.
  16. 8-Western Australia Emergency Waiting Times

    Image Credit: csiro.au and Apple Apps


    In times of emergency, our default course of action would be to head to the nearest hospital, right? Now, that’s usually fine, except that this can sometimes entail a long wait in the emergency room.


    This app maps out approximate wait times in hospitals within your vicinity based on the current triaged patients and department workload. Thus, this data helps you decide which hospital can accommodate you the fastest, which helps if you find yourself in a literal life-or-death situation.


    Available on: App Store and Google Play


Lastly, all the aforementioned apps are free! So, go forth and conquer, my friends. 

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