Dreading Carmageddon? Here Are Manila’s Top Ten Online Groceries to Help You Out

Now that Undas is over, traffic jams are back with a vengeance. Whether that’s down to everyone coming back from the province or the pre-holiday rush, Carmaggedon is upon us once again. 


Unless you happen to work remotely, you’re probably familiar with the drill. You wake up before the sun does, bolt down a hasty breakfast, dress for work, and leave the house to get to work on time. At the end of the day, you repeat the steps, but in reverse. Now, that doesn’t really leave you with a lot of time and energy to do errands now, does it?


Fortunately, we also happen to live in the age of e-commerce. Thanks to Manila’s top ten online groceries, you can get your weekly grocery shopping done without having to venture out into the dreadful traffic:


  1. Citybagger.
  2. 1-Citybagger

    Image Credit: spot.ph


    This online grocery prides itself as the first online palengke in the Philippines. Hence, Citybagger offers a wholesome selection of organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO food items. Its inventory also includes premium steaks, RTE (ready-to-eat) dishes, and imported goodies.


    Check it out here.


  3. Down to Earth.
  4. 2-Down to Earth

    Image Credit: atmosol.com


    If you’ve always wanted to support our local farmers and agriculture, get your produce here. Down to Earth champions biodynamic agriculture and features locally and sustainably grown products. Furthermore, these are pesticide-free.


    As a bonus, DTE also carries unusual items like edible flowers, grass-fed beef broth, Tuscan kale, and preservative-free ketchup.


    Check it out here.


  5. The Green Grocer.
  6. 3-The Green Grocer

    Image Credit: spot.ph


    You know how hitting the supermarket can sometimes derail you from your diet? It’s probably all those tantalizing bags of junk food and wonderfully-smelling snacks on display, right?


    Well, with the Green Grocer, you won’t have that problem. Just about everything on this home delivery site is meant to keep you on the clean-eating track. Think gluten-free chicken popcorn, all-natural couscous, and grass-fed meats.


    Check it out here.


  7. The Healthy Grocery.
  8. 4-The Healthy Grocery

    Image Credit: healthygrocerygirl.com


    Speaking of healthy eating, you can probably guess the sort of goods this online grocery has on offer. Admittedly, The Healthy Grocery’s selection is limited, but they’ve got the highest quality of hearty, raw edibles (e.g., chia seeds, raw cacao nibs, and organic golden quinoa).


    Perfect for when you’re trying to introduce more fiber into your diet, eh?


    Check it out here.


  9. Lococo.
  10. 5-Lococo

    Image Credit: spot.ph


    Apart from promoting healthier eating for many Filipinos, newcomer Lococo also carries Filipino natural food and lifestyle products. Here, you can purchase local favorites like Traydor Hot Sauce and Comer Y Comic chocolate bars, among other things.


    Best of all, they offer free shipping to everywhere in the Philippines.


    Check it out here.


  11. Marketa.
  12. 6-Marketa

    Image Credit: marketa.ph


    Like Lococo, Marketa highlights grocery items produced by micro, small, and medium enterprises to help them build their brands. Their clean and simple interface is also very user-friendly, and you can see all their product categories on the homepage.


    Check it out here.


  13. MetroMart.
  14. 7-MetroMart

    Image Credit: stories.paymaya.com


    Do you like to source your supplies from different purveyors? If so, MetroMart has you covered. Thanks to their partnerships with shops like FamilyMart, Kitayama Meatshop, Deli Quality Gourmet Products, Assi Fresh Plaza, and even SM Supermarket, you can order stuff from any of the aforementioned and get them all at the same time.


    Check it out here.


  15. The Superfood Grocer.
  16. 8-The Superfood Grocer

    Image Credit: spot.ph


    Maintaining a vegan lifestyle can be difficult in the Philippines, but companies like The Superfood Grocer certainly help. Whether you’re seeking dairy-free vegan ice cream, coconut nectar, or even nutritional yeast, you can bet they can deliver.


    Check it out here.


  17. My Tindahan.
  18. 9-My Tindahan

    Image Credit: supermarketnews.com and onecebu.com


    Do you find wet markets intimidating? Well, here’s a more introvert-friendly alternative. My Tindahan lets you buy meat and vegetables by the kilo online. You can even browse their selection of non-food items like gadgets and bouquets.


    Check it out here.


  19. WalterMart Grocery Delivery.
  20. 10-WalterMart Grocery Delivery

    Image Credit: sinfullysabrina.com and smartparenting.com.ph


    Yep, the famous grocery has an online arm! Basically, you can find whatever they’ve got in their brick-and-mortar stores here. Getting your regular supply of fresh produce, frozen meat, and snacks has never been more easy and straightforward.


    Check it out here.


Got any other tips for surviving daily life during the final stretch of the “ber” months? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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