DON’T DO THIS! How to Definitely LOSE The Sale When Presenting

Believe it or not, we sell all our lives. To get hired, we sell ourselves to our employers. We sell our competencies further to get a promotion. Heck, we sell our tears to get what we want as a child.


The point is if we accept that we sell all the time we might get better at it in the future. Or at the very least, you will find honing your selling skills is surely useful in your everyday.


So to spot your Achilles heel, here are surefire ways to definitely lose the sale. (DO NOT DO THIS!)


Act like Typical Salesperson

Act like Typical Salesperson

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There is a reason why most people avoid salespeople. They make you uncomfortable. They pressure you into buying stuff even if you said No.  If you want to lose friends and sales in the future, follow this path.


If you want a better hit-ratio, think of selling out of contribution.


To illustrate, ever have this foodie friend? You don’t get why you always go to all the raved restaurants he recommends. But when you ask for an area, and he talks, you surely will buy it.


Be like this foodie friend. Talk to your client. Know more about them. And ask their concerns. After pinpointing the problem they have, you find a product in your repertoire that can address that problem.


You didn’t pressure them to buy the product. You just suggested a solution to a problem.


Talk Like There’s No Tomorrow

  Talk Like There's No Tomorrow  

It’s good that you are a comfortable presenter. But take into consideration their buying signals. You are presenting for the sale not just to vomit out facts about your products. Even if you’re not yet done presenting, always be ready to close when you saw a signal.


If they are already asking for it, give it to them. With nervous salespeople, they don’t stop talking because they are afraid to get rejected. This may be a defense mechanism from past rejections. But you have to get over it.


Do not speak too much. Let the clients speak more than you for more sales.


When you ask for the sale, keep yourself from talking further. Wait for their response. Carefully positioned pauses are an important time for the clients to think. It may spell a successfully closed sale or not.


Lying Just to Get Them to Say Yes

Lying Just to Get Them to Say Yes

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Now that you aim to be a consultant, you will surely put your client’s needs first.


But do not be a lying consultant. Lying consultants just tell any wonder claim just for the sale. If your product can’t deliver, you won’t just lose the client, you will lose the potential sale from everyone s/he knows.


Always under-sell and over-deliver. You have to view your customer not just as one person. This person can be a doorway to multiple clients in the future.


If you did your job well, you will get recommendations from them. Some can even be advocates for your brand just because you helped them get what they exactly want. And you want walking advertisements for your business.


Pushing More When The Client Clearly Says No

Pushing More When The Client Clearly Says No

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Many salespeople think that they should turn all Nos into a Yes. That is not true.


Yes, you have to handle objections. But after all your due diligence, you won’t close every sale. Face this fact.


Watch their body language. Check if they are really saying their true objection. Is it just a smokescreen with their real problem? Are they just too embarrassed because of money problems?


Give them the chance to exit. If you don’t pressure them into buying now, they may buy in the future. But don’t count on it for your quota. Keep them in view. Just move on to the next prospect.


Selling is a numbers games. Talking to enough people and getting better every presentation at a time will surely give you more sales.


With that, I hope you get more income from either you full-time or freelance jobs. Good luck!

Leandro Eclipse

Leandro Eclipse is an entrepreneur who loves to travel. He believes in building multiple Location-Independent Sources of Income. Because if you are going to work anyway, might as well do it while exploring the world. Self-proclaimed foodie and tech geek. Follow him on IG @mikoeclipse.


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