Do You Travel Regularly for Work? Here Are Five Ways to Stay Healthy and Sane

If your typical Instagram feed is anything to go by, constant traveling is the ultimate status symbol. What could be more glamorous than waking up in a different city every day, right?


Well, sure, if you’ve got a whole day of relaxing or partying ahead. On the other hand, if you’ve arrived in, say, Cebu City, to meet with your team of remote workers, it’s a different story. 


Here’s the thing: traveling can be exhausting. Behind all the IG filters are hours spent in cramped seats amidst hundreds of strangers, a messed-up circadian rhythm (i.e., jetlag), and hypoxia. (That last bit is a fancy term for dizziness, fatigue, and nausea due to decreased oxygen onboard.)


That’s not so bad if you can sleep it all off in a five-star hotel upon landing, but those who travel for work or business don’t have that luxury. Going straight from the airport to the office for an important meeting or presentation is the reality for a lot of travelers, you see. 


Fortunately, there are some pretty effective coping mechanisms out there. So, if you can relate to any of the aforementioned, you can try out any of the following tips below:


  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
  2. 1-Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

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    High altitudes and low cabin humidity can lead to dehydration and discomfort. To counter this, you need to drink at least one litre of water on flights that exceed eight hours in length. 


    As a bonus, all that liquid consumption will compel you to get up and stretch your legs on frequent bathroom breaks. That’ll lower your risk of getting deep vein thrombosis as well.


  3. Keep a saline spray handy.
  4. 2-Keep a saline spray handy  

    Apart from your hair and skin, frequent flying can also dry out your nasal passages, making you more susceptible to germs and bacteria. A saline spray could relieve the dryness and keep your nasal passages moist. Furthermore, most of them come in TSA-approved spray bottles so you can keep one in your carry-on.


  5. Load up on vitamin C before and during your flight.
  6. 3-Load up on vitamin C before and during your flight

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    What’s worse than jetlag? Jetlag AND a cold.


    Unless you can afford a private jet, exposure to other people’s germs is inevitable onboard. Vitamin C boosts your immune system, and along with the saline spray, can prevent you from catching any bugs or viruses. 


  7. Bring earphones and a comfortable neck pillow.
  8. 4-Bring earphones and a comfortable neck pillow  

    Sometimes, your inflight nap might be the only chance to catch up on your zzz’s. While a seat on the plane isn’t exactly the epitome of comfort, a few things can help you manage a decent forty winks.


    A comfortable neck pillow, for instance, makes sleeping upright more bearable. Earphones, on the other hand, can block out a talkative seatmate’s chatter or let you listen to soothing music.


  9. If you can choose your own hotel, try to go for a reliable chain all over the world.
  10. 5-If you can choose your own hotel, try to go for a reliable chain all over the world

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    Waking up in a different place can be disorienting, but some people find it hard to relax in unfamiliar surroundings altogether. If that’s the case, go for an established hotel chain whenever you have to leave home. These establishments tend to follow a uniform look, but the predictability could be comforting in a drastically different environment.


Lastly, don’t forget to integrate a bit of downtime into your hectic travel schedule. Try not to schedule activities that require high energy and sharp acuity the morning after a late-night arrival. If that is not possible, carve out at least twelve hours afterward to sleep and decompress.


We all have to carry out certain duties to make a living, but let’s not forget to look after our health too. 

Serena Estrella

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