Delectable And Affordable Places For Healthy Food In Australia


Healthy food places that serve vegetarian and organic cuisine are growing in popularity all over the world. Gone are the days when healthy foods are viewed as essentially bland and boring!


The only issue left now is the stigma that healthy meals are entirely hefty. However, that is far from reality! This list even includes places that sell about $5 worth of salad set and $5.50 worth of a breakfast meal. Isn’t that amazing?


Whether your reasons for eating healthy are personal preference over organic, controlling one’s weight, respecting religious beliefs, or preserving Mother Earth, there are many options for inexpensive and healthy eateries in Australia. Here are just some of them:


1. Maya Vegetarian

Maya Vegetarian

Image Credit: Maya Vegetarian

According to a food blogger named Millie, there are serveral Indian restaurants on Cleveland Street but Maya Vegetarian stands out. Not only for their delicious sweets or their Bollywood posters but also because of their authentic Indian food that is 100% vegetarian. And we Filipinos are no stranger to the Indian food taste as most of us enjoy our Chicken Curry.


Maya Vegetarian is an institution that is known for their tasty dosas and wide range of sweets. Every dish served to you is packed with North or South Indian flavours. The price range is not bad either. Their mains are about $9.90-16.90 while their Kulfi (ice cream dessert) are about $6.90-7.90. The lone dilemma you will have is ordering food from a huge menu.   Location: 470 Cleveland Street Surry Hills, 2010 NSW



2. Goodies & Grains Kitchen

Goodies & Grains Kitchen

Image Credit: Adelaide Food Central

If you are looking for a healthy eatery that sells premium quality food for a cheaper price then Goodies & Grains is the place to be. What started as a shop selling a few bulk products in 1991, slowly became a renowned healthy food store that has over 5,000 products to their name. Mostly sourced through local suppliers and growers, some 40% of this range is organically grown. You can see how much the public adores their products as the expansion was mainly due to the customers’ requests.


They offer salads, baked goods, and other savouries that can cost you about $6.50 for lunch. Surprisingly, a salad set starts at $5. Not bad for a meal that is both really tasty and quite filling!

  Location: Shop 23, Central Market Plaza, Gouger Street, Adelaide, SA



3. O Organic Cafe

O Organic Cafe

Image Credit: The Hungry FoodTech

O Organic Cafe offers dishes that fuse Western and Asian cuisine. These dishes are not only healthy and fresh but they are also savory and affordable. With breakfast, lunch, and dessert options for vegetarians, this cafe will cater to everyone’s dining needs.


From a jam-packed salad to an energy-filling smoothie and a hearty afternoon treat, almost all of their meals are gluten free. This is especially helpful as some of my friends encounter an adverse effect when faced by gluten. Their all-day breakfast menu ranges from $5.50-16.50 while their lunch menu ranges from $9.80-18.50.


Most of the users at Zomato recommend trying their Ali’s Balinese Fried Rice (about $17.50). This dish boasts with the taste of authentic Indonesian fried rice with a side of green chili sauce. Worry not about its unbearable spiciness as it was adjusted for the Australian tastebuds. Another dish that you must try is their Scrambled Tofu (about $16.50). It is an exciting dish filled with mushrooms, green beans, garlic, capsicum, herbs, avocado, Sourdough, and more. The only setback I have with this cafe is that the tables are limited.


Location: 487 Crown Street Surry Hills, 2010 NSW



4. PHD Vietnamese Restaurant


Before I talk about this restaurant, let me first introduce you to the interesting Vietnamese cuisine. Each Vietnamese dish bursts with one or more of these key ingredients: fish sauce, shrimp paste, fresh herbs, and soy sauce. Not only are these dishes flavorful but they are also healthy as most are low in fat, MSG-free, gluten free, and rich in vitamins and minerals. If you are sold by these descriptions, then you must give PHD a shot!


PHD Vietnamese Restaurant is a humble place in Illawarra Road that is popular to Pho lovers. But their menu does not end on Pho alone. They have an array of mains, rice dishes, Vermicelli, Laksa, rice noodles, and egg noodles. Bring a group of friends and experience their food for yourself.


PHD Vietnamese Restaurant brings something for everybody for a reasonable price of $4-23. Even the meat fanatics will leave with a satiated stomach.


Location: 308 Illawarra Road Marrickville, 2204 NSW


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