Culture Shocked? 7 Conventional Things that Will Surprise You When You Visit Australia

Yes! You have all the right to be excited! The Land Down Under is definitely a prime destination for everyone, even for Filipinos. The dangerous crocodiles, natural wonders, insane parties, food, and unlimited fun. What’s more to ask for?


Actually, there is more to literally ask. For the panicky planner, what should you prepare your group for? Should you be overly friendly? Can you shake hands with kangaroos or even touch the crocodiles? (WTH)


Well, the questions above are quite commonsensical (unless you want to lose your arm). But for the real peculiar and culture shocking stuff, these are 7 conventional things that will surprise you when you visit Australia.


Reverse Weather

Reverse Weather

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We all know that Christmas comes with Santa’s Snow Sleigh. But imagine a Snow sleigh during the summer? If you can’t, you will experience a fiery Christmas in Australia.


If you don’t know yet, when it’s summer in the world, Australia experiences winter and vice versa. Christmas on the beach? Yes, please!


A tip though, if you’re aiming for this reverse climate, maybe to avoid the harsh winters in your country, better go to the southern parts of Australia. The Northern parts follow the same weather pattern with everyone. The southern parts are reversed.


Store Hours in Australia

  Store Hours in Australia  

Do you want to buy stuff from must-see shops in Australia? Better plan your hours carefully then. Store hours in Australia usually end at 5 PM on Monday to Saturday, and 4 PM on Sundays. Some shops operate longer during Fridays.


Australian’s value their family time and free time. And with shops usually operated by just a few people, the longer hours don’t justify the increase in sales.


Bottled Water is More Expensive than Milk and Wine

Bottled Water is More Expensive than Milk and Wine

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If you came from a developing country, Australia definitely is expensive. The cost of living is higher compared to most cities (even versus developed ones).


An average inexpensive restaurant meal is pegged at $20 AUD. Arguably, this can feed at least two people in other countries already. At least the food servings are big and most restaurants use quality ingredients.


To put it up a notch, bottled water is even pricier. It’s so high; it’s more expensive than milk and wine. Avoid the palpitations when you see the bill by preparing for it. Budget well because you will need it.


Nationwide Ban on Smoking

Nationwide Ban on Smoking

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Australian’s value the health of every individual. If you are a chain smoker, bring your withdrawal medicines. It is not allowed to smoke in pubs, bars, clubs, or in any building in Australia.


But fret not, there are still designated smoking areas for you. You can still enjoy your dangerous hobby.


Language Barrier? Australian Slang

  Language Barrier? Australian Slang

I just got invited to a Barbie on the Arvo? Is this some kind of doll with afro wigs? It’s surely confusing.


If you’re new to Australian slang, know that they tend to shorten every word. Don’t be shocked by their otherworldly language. By the way, that’s barbeque in the afternoon.


Better check out this Basic Guide to Aussie English to be prepared, mate!


Australians Wear “Thongs”. Everyone does, even children.

Australians Wear "Thongs". Everyone does, even children.

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With the hot weather, people usually wear thongs in their everyday lives. It makes them more comfortable. And it’s lighter for the body.


Let me pause first before continuing.


Wait. What?! I know. Is this their liberal side acting on? Do you really mean everyone?


You are just victimized by their evolving language. Thongs mean flip-flops or sandals in Australia.


It is ok to wear flip-flops than shoes if you’re here. Office workers even bring their trusty thongs when they finish work. Now, stop your dirty mind.


Australians are Laid-back and Informal, but Professional

Australians are Laid-back and Informal, but Professional

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The Australian’s pride themselves on treating everyone equal. They are very friendly. Where normal “How are you doing, mate?” conversations start along the street. Yes, even at random with strangers. They treat others good regardless of social status.


In organizations, the honorifics such as “boss” are virtually gone. They prefer being called by their first name.


One perk that comes with this lack of construct is that they can talk to their superiors with no barriers. If you have something to say or to suggest, just tell it frankly.


But even with the bypassed formalities, they are still professional and treat each other with respect.




Every country has their own quirks. Australia is not an exception. With this guide, I hope you are more ready with the basics of Oz. Enjoy your vacation!

Leandro Eclipse

Leandro Eclipse is an entrepreneur who loves to travel. He believes in building multiple Location-Independent Sources of Income. Because if you are going to work anyway, might as well do it while exploring the world. Self-proclaimed foodie and tech geek. Follow him on IG @mikoeclipse.


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