Crazy and Hilarious Christmas Party Games For Adults

For kids, a party is no fun without any games, activities, and prizes. And for adults? Well… who says grownups doesn’t want to play party games?


Parties are the only time when we can be young and play games without being judged. It’s the time to unwind, drink, and socialize about anything under the sun.


Adult parties are often described as boring and too proper because we’re all too old for games, but are we? Hmm… If you’re organizing a Christmas party for your company or adult friends, here are crazy and hilarious games that will surely break the ice.


Suck and Blow


Suck and Blow the card party games.


This group game is very familiar to Filipinos, the mechanics are to pass a plastic card using only the lips. Players are not allowed to use their hands or teeth, they are only allowed to suck and blow the card to prevent it from dropping while passing to the next person.


It can be two or more groups; it can be all girls, all boys or random. The first group to finish without dropping the card wins the game.


Chubby Bunny

Chubby Bunny, party games for adults

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This game will literally make you look like a chubby bunny. This is an individual game and it’s very easy to play. The person will put one marshmallow in their mouth (without chewing) and will say “Chubby Bunny”, and will add another marshmallow every round.


The last player who can say “Chubby Bunny”  regardless of the marshmallow in his/her mouth will be the winner of the game.


Eat that Oreo

Eat that Oreo party game

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I bet you guys are familiar with this game. This individual game will definitely give laughter to everyone. The mechanics are simple, each player will have an Oreo on their foreheads. Their goal is to eat the Oreo without using their hands, all they have to do is use their facial muscles and do some funny faces for the Oreo to move downwards. The first player to eat the Oreo will be the winner of the game.


Pitik Calamansi Relay


Pitik Calamansi Relay Party games


This group game needs a lot of concentration and focus. It may look easy but it’s crazy difficult. It can be played by two or more groups, the more the merrier.


Pitik calamansi game mechanics are very straightforward. A bottle of soft drinks with a Calamansi on top will be placed 2-3 meters away from the player. The first player of the group needs to cover his right eye with his hand. Then he needs to bend down and turn around 5 times, (he still needs to cover his right eye) and walk towards the calamansi and try his best to flick the calamansi. Sounds easy? Wait until you play it.


Paper Dance

Adults having fun while playing paper dance

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Of course, party games are not complete without a paper dance. To play this game, you need a newspaper, music and a partner.


The music will play and the pair should dance around the newspaper, once the music stops the pair needs to stand inside the newspaper. The paper will be folded in half and the process will repeat, the last pair who can last the challenge will be declared as the winner.


Some of us may hide every time party games are about to start but these parties are just once in a blue moon, so why not grab the chance and enjoy the moment instead of being a killjoy. We’re only young once better enjoy while we still can.

Samantha Baluyot

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