Common Marketing Strategies that You Should Avoid

Marketing is the action of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. And since the world is fast-changing due to technology, marketing became easier and faster.


Yes, there are lots of advantages to digital marketing but there also disadvantages. For business owners who are using the internet in promoting, here are the marketing strategies that you should avoid to prevent losing your beloved customers.


Sending E-mail Spam

Spamming – Sending Junk Mails

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Sending e-mails to customers can be a good way of promoting your business and updating them about the latest news.


But if you’re planning to send e-mails every week or twice a week, then that will be a huge problem. Why?


Everyone wants to attract and get the attention of customers but not in this way. Spamming and sending junk mails is one way to lose them.


Creating Content Just for Content’s Sake

Filler Advertising Creating Content Just for Content’s Sake

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In marketing, quality is important. If you decided to put an advertisement, make sure that it has good content. Even if it’s a banner ad, images, popup ads, or a short video always provide quality to your customers. Don’t waste your time putting an ad that is based on nothing.


Not Finding Out What’s Effective and What’s Not

Not Finding Out What’s Working and What Doesn’t

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You have different ads on social media with good content but do you know if it’s working?


This is the most common mistake in marketing. Yes, there’s an ad but are you monitoring it? To know if your marketing strategy is effective, always keep in mind that you need to create a customer survey and ask questions. Simple questions like, “how/where did you hear about our business?” will give you a clear direction on what marketing platform is working for your business.


Ignoring Trends

Ignoring Trends Making Yourself Invisible to Clients

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Keeping up with social media trends can be hard. I know, every day there’s something new on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Paying attention to the latest trends can actually help you keep your customers. Keeping interaction between your business and social media users is a good strategy. Posting funny memes from time to time, and asking random questions related to your business can keep the communication strong. This way, you can have a good relationship with your customers.


Marketing is never easy. Thinking of a creative ad is harder than you could imagine. And in just one click, bad marketing can drag your business to the ground.


This saying is cliché, but “Think before you click” is an important reminder when it comes to digital marketing. And be careful about thinking outside the box and being too creative, people are easily offended nowadays.

Samantha Baluyot

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