CFO Registration for Filipinos Migrating to Australia

Commission on Filipinos Overseas

  The Commission of Filipinos Overseas (CFO) is a Philippine government agency that is responsible for the promotion and preservation of the rights, welfare, and interests of Filipinos living abroad. The CFO is also tasked to strengthen the ties of overseas Filipinos with their motherland, the Philippines.  

Registering with the CFO

  Filipinos who have been granted an immigrant-class visa are required by the Philippine government to register with the CFO. Passports of registered migrants will have the CFO sticker. Before departing to Australia, your passport will be duly inspected by the Bureau of Immigration. Those who are not registered with the CFO will not be allowed to leave the country.  

CFO Registration Steps


CFO Registration Requirements

    CFO Requirements for Filipinos Headed to Australia    

Additional Requirements for Youth Emigrants

    CFO Requirements for    

Who are exempted from attending the PDOS?

  1. Children aged 12 years and below 2. Individuals who are 60 years old and above 3. Incapacitated individuals (due to long-term or permanent illness) 4. Individuals who are psychologically challenged or with mental health issues   Children who are 12 years old and below are exempted from attending the PDOS. However, they must be registered with the CFO, even if by proxy. If the proxy is not the legal, natural, or adopted parent of the registrant, he/she must bring the following: 1) original and photocopy of a valid ID with photograph, 2) Special Power of Attorney authenticated by Diplomatic Post or a notarized authorization letter completed by the parents or legal guardian, and 3) other documents requested by the registration officer.  

You Can Download the Registration Forms Here:

Registration Form for Filipino Emigrants Registration Form for Filipino Immigrant Worker  

PDOS Pre-Registration and Schedule

  An online PDOS Pre-Registration service is available here. However, take note that the PDOS is done on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. The pre-registration is only available to hasten the process. The weekly schedule of PDOS can be found here. Be at the office an hour before your scheduled PDOS to allot time to complete the registration. Also, please note that there due to the capacity of the venue, there are only limited slots available for each PDOS schedule. No reservations are allowed for the PDOS.     References:

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