Certain BPI Services Will Be Unavailable Next Week, from 5-7 April

Just like that, the first quarter of 2019 is coming to an end. Whew.


For many of us, this means that tax season is nigh. For our local financial institutions, however, it could mean that they’re all up for system maintenance.


BPI To Undergo Upgrade Soon

BPI To Undergo Upgrade Soon  

Last Friday, 22 March, the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) announced that it will be undergoing a “major systems upgrade” next weekend.


So, from 10 PM, Friday, 5 April to 5 AM, Sunday, 7 April, BPI customers won’t have access to certain services. These include online banking, mobile app transactions, the Bizlink platform, and ATM’s and CAM’s. Debit and prepaid card services may also be suspended at this time.


Got Urgent Transactions? Here’s What You Can Do

Got Urgent Transactions_ Here’s What You Can Do

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The bank is currently advising its depositors to plan their transactions accordingly. Those who anticipate needing cash on the said weekend may withdraw in advance. Clients may also consider funding any checks that are payable on the covered dates prior.


Furthermore, BPI will open select branches nationwide for their clients’ immediate banking needs on 6-7 April. No word yet on which ones will be operational on those dates, but you can find a list of branches that are open on Saturdays here.


In the absence of online transfers, do note that BPI now charges fees for inter-regional over-the-counter withdrawals and deposits.


Let’s all take note and be guided, mates.

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