Celebrate Christmas in the Philippines’ Most Romantic Places


Philippines is an archipelago that is blessed with natural and man-made wonders. With the never ending places to explore, romance will surely spark! Adding to the pleasant ambiance is the cheerful spirit brought by the Yuletide season.


On that note, here are some of the most romantic places in the Philippines during Christmastime:


Embrace the Perfect “Cuddling Weather”


The chance of catching snowflakes in the Philippines is closer to none, but if citizens were to pick a “Winter Capital” it may be bestowed to Baguio City. Filipinos flock to this city to enjoy the chilly weather and healthy food.


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Nothing speaks romantic louder than the picturesque mountains, lush pine trees, wisps of fug, and vibrant flowers. All these can be found at this lovely destination. Strengthen your relationship by finding the warmth in each other’s company as you journey along Camp John Hay and Botanical Garden. Experience the hints of red by picking strawberries at the La Trinidad farm.


Aside from this, you may frequent the sidewalk bazaars and local markets that are filled with bargain prices.


Travel Closer to the Metro


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If money is hard to come by, travel closer to Metro Manila by visiting Tagaytay City. It is one of the highly sought after destinations for wedding and reception ceremonies. For an outdoor adventure, start by taking a boat ride to the Taal Volcano. Then, trek for at least half an hour to see the iconic lakes. Finish the date by savoring a healthy buffet inside Sonya’s Garden.


Sonya’s Garden is a secluded gem, which is graced with beautiful lights at night. The Instagrammable arch near the restaurant is the place where couples usually propose. I am speaking from experience as my cousin proposed on this spot. It was magical!


Celebrate at the Most Festive Village


As the only Asian country where Catholic is the predominant religion, our cities are embellished with festive decorations. Huge nativities, lantern parades, and Christmas bazaars scatter throughout the land. Vibrant lights will catch your attention at night! However, the most “Christmassy House” in the Philippines is at the Tagbilaran City.


Hermila “Mila” Lim is the proud owner of the Christmas village where you can see miniature houses, toy factories, and santas. She started this in 2008 and has since been winning the hearts of many locals. Invite your partner to Bohol to immerse yourselves in the season’s spirit.


Enjoy the Yuletide Season in Paradise


The perfect phrase to encapsulate the beauty of Palawan during the Christmastime is “Yuletide in Paradise”. Palawan is suited for planned proposals, rejuvenating honeymoons, and couple’s vacations. Its natural wonders, local cuisine, and unparalleled cleanliness will leave you in awe. Select between El Nido and Coron as both are made to grace the postcards. I am sure that your partner will be glad if you surprised him or her with a flight for two.


Image Credit: Ironchefbalara

It is quite impossible to capture an unpleasant memory with the sheer amount of beauty everywhere you look. This means that you can make grand gestures or even propose as long as you hold on to the glistening ring.


Quench Your Thirst for Adventure


As I envision my significant other and I in an affordable yet sweet getaway, Laiya pops to my mind. Laiya (in San Juan, Batangas) is known for its extensive layout of pristine sands and rich tropical greens. You and your lover may enjoy the cool breeze, the beautiful beach, and the fresh seafood. There are a variety of resorts that cater to different budgets.


Image Credit: Jhun Panlaqui

If you have adapted a frugal lifestyle after living in Sydney or Melbourne, you may choose between Klub Keluarga Resort and Sigayan Bay Beach Resort. The room rates in these resorts start at PHP 4,000 per night.


If you feel that swimming during the Ber months is too much for you then, you may seek other adventures in Batangas. How about fulfilling a thrilling quest with a zipline ride, an archery lesson, and a wall climbing session?


All these are present at the La Virginia Resort & Hotel. La Virginia boasts with unique attractions that will keep you occupied for an entire day. It includes the Ifugao Village, La Virginia Castle, Pagoda Chapel, infinity pool, picnic huts, tree house, and more. The gorgeous view of Taal Volcano is simply the icing on the cake.


May this guide help you to handpick the most suitable vacation for you and your special someone.

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