Can a 60 Year Old Still Exercise?

Is fitness still possible in our senior years? If you’re age 60 and above, before getting ready for your workout, is it really safe to exercise at this time of your life?


With age comes weakening, as most people say. Hormonal changes in our bodies tend to hamper our road to fitness success.


For men, the testosterone levels can decrease resulting in muscle loss. And for the women, estrogen levels can decrease bone density leading to osteoporosis.


Also, an overall weakness of the heart, joints, and brain may leave us to question our safety.


Studies say it is STILL POSSIBLE

Studies say it is STILL POSSIBLE

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But then, numerous studies have shown that exercise has immediate benefits regardless of age. And can increase cognitive function and lifespan for older people. A study has even presented that the higher Muscle Mass Index is, the longer the life.


Though it may be hard to run a triathlon or deadlift heavy weights. Certainly, fitness is STILL POSSIBLE! The fundamentals of exercise do not change, only our limitations.


It is because most of what we feel right now are symptoms of inactivity not aging.


We just have to adjust to our bodies current restrictions to defy aging. We can add years to our life and, ultimately, add life to our years.


What Should We Take Note?

  What Should We Take Note?  

Reaching our golden years, a lot of fitness routines can’t be done on the same intensity especially if you’re once an athlete.


To start off, stretching is now vital in every exercise. The once discretional routine is mandatory now because of our degrading joints and flexibility. This enables us to counter these effects to be capable of strengthening the muscles for our exercise routines.


Speaking of exercise routines, it is said that High-Intensity Interval Trainings (HIIT) gives the most benefit, especially for older adults. These are routines that entail fast intense exercises followed by short recovery periods.


The intensity of the routine makes our body clamor for comparatively more oxygen. This triggers the afterburn effect called Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). Making our body burn more fat and calories.


There is even a study that states that it can reverse aging on a cellular level.


But then, not everyone can start off fast. With aging, going slowly and not overdoing it are good tips to remember. Begin with something you can do like Walking, Taichi, Yoga, or Water Aerobics.


You can also work with a trainer to make sure that you are safely performing to your potential.

Finally, after that hard workout day, allow yourself more sleep and more recovery time. This is the time our bodies toughen and replenish more energy for the coming days. And with our more aged body, this may take longer.




With this tips, only one thing is left to be decided.


For this to work, we should decide that Fitness is non-negotiable. After all, with the knowledge of today, age is becoming just a number.

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