Camp Amidst an Active Seabird Colony at Broughton Island


Over the past couple of months, I have been hustling over a stressful disposition as I juggle my job and study in between. I was preparing for one of the most important examinations in my life. Fortunately, I passed with flying colors. A suitable reward that I can bestow upon myself is a long-awaited vacation. Among the list of spots in the North South Wales, Broughton Island crossed my mind.


Broughton Island, a part of the Myall Lakes National Park, is only accessible by boat. A secluded island such as this is home to an impressive array of plants and wildlife. Imagine yourself sleeping in a tent surrounded by an active seabird colony and other animals such as ghost crabs and the golden bell frog. The peaceful breeze rushes to your spine as you relax by the seashore. This is a lucky break that guests can hope for when visiting the island.


Said to be the sole island-based site in North South Wales where you can reside among an active seabird colony, the Little Poverty Beach campground is located at the Broughton Island. It is a humble site which is less developed than others. Thus, you need to be self-sufficient if you are not going to be a part of a guided tour. Make sure to bring all your camping equipments (e.g., tents and ropes) and food supplies (e.g., fresh fruits and sandwiches).


Adventures at Broughton Island


There are two types of camping platforms to choose from namely: grassy (2) and timber (3). There are a total of five basic areas to suit your needs. It costs about AU$30/night for two adults with an additional AU$5/night per child.


Once you are there, you can indulge on a variety of water and nature activities. Exciting adventures await you as your family take part in water activities such as fishing, boating, scuba diving, swimming, and snorkelling. You may also observe the amazing wildlife at the area.


Terry Domico is naturalist whose expertise is on the Myall Lakes region. He once said that: “These are wild animals, they’re not habituated like other little penguin populations, so you need to make sure you’re quiet or they won’t come out of the water”. Respect these animals that are in their natural habitats.


For people who are fond of sea creatures, visit between November and April to see the dolphins. Or you can visit between May and November to observe some majestic whales.


Visitor’s Information


Location: Level 1, 12B Teramby Road, Nelson Bay NSW

Phone: (02) 4984 8200

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