Camel Cup: A Quirky Take on Speed Racing

Heading to the Northern Territory? You should consider traveling to Alice Springs this July 15, 2017.


The annual Camel Cup shows yet another quirky side of Australia. Similar to a horse derby, the Camel Cup pits the best Australian Dromedaries (Camel Bred for Racing) for the most coveted prize. A “Camel Cup” trophy that will make any Camel Farm Owner’s Business grow tenfold (Not to mention the hefty prize money).


This momentous event is a 1970 brainchild of two Australian mates over a beer, Noel Fullerton and Keith Mooney-Smith. Since then, it led to a big movement overseen formerly by the Lions Club of Alice Springs, and now by the Apex Club of Central Australia. (Hailing Noel Fullerton as the grandfather of the camel industry).

Noel Fullerton

Image Credit: NT Newa


At the Noel Fullerton Camel Racing Arena, Blatherskite Park, thousands and thousands of tourist flock to see the Cameleers battle their way to the top.


I mean, don’t you feel the excitement of seeing these temperamental animals work hand-in-hand with humans. Camels are known for being moody. It is not rare to also witness mishaps by insurgent camels. Either these camels run their potential 40mph in the race or run away from you.


Although, rest assured, these camels are well taken cared for. The camels are pampered when trained. And they even have their own custom-made saddle to fit their water humps like a glove. A treatment deserving for a champion pedigree.

  Aside from the main race, the people frolic with rickshaw relays, belly dancing, and a Honeymoon Handicap race  

Aside from the main race, the people frolic with rickshaw relays, belly dancing, and a Honeymoon Handicap race.


The “Honeymoon Handicap” race is a race that requires husbands to pick up their wives before traversing the finish line. The twist is, you ride camels when they are sitting on the ground. For the unsuspecting spouses, doing this in a rush mannered might literally “twist” you off the saddle. A slapstick feat that is quite enjoyable to witness.


For what it’s worth, the Camel Cup is a unique experience that everyone must see at least once in their lives.

Camel Cup

Image Credit: Mick Potts


So if you’re game, get your cowboy boots on. And enjoy the Australian Outback, Camel Cowboy Style.  

The tickets for this event can be purchased here.

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