Cagayan de Oro’s “Pinyapel” wins D&AD Future Impact Awards in New York


Over the years, Filipino inventors have proven themselves when it comes to inventing projects to help our environment. And as of now, most of the Filipino inventors focused on reducing plastic waste and finding an alternative to it.


Last October, a Filipino-made paper called “Pinyapel” has caught everyone’s attention for being one of the Wood Pencil Awardee in the D&AD Future Impact Awards, an annual activity that recognizes people who put their creative ideas into world-changing projects, products, and campaign.


And last November, “Pinyapel” or Cagayan de Oro’s Handmade Paper was announced as one of the winners of the D&AD Future Impact Awards for Environment and Sustainability in New York City, USA.


It was the country’s first win in the category of Environment and Sustainability. The project will be then proposed to the Future Impact Accelerator that will help its production and marketing.


The “Pinyapel” was derived from the word pinya meaning pineapple and papel meaning paper. The Pinyapel is the result of DTI-DCP, Cagayan de Oro’s effort.

Cagayan de Oro's Pinyapel

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“The project began with the intent of maximizing the use of agricultural waste to improve the livelihood of farmers, address concerns on dwindling natural resources and offer alternatives to plastic, collaborate with local enterprises, and show the world what the creative and design mind of Philippines can do,” said DCP Executive Director Rhea O. Matute.


Production and Use of the Pinyapel

Cagayan de Oro's Pinyapel

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The product is the result of upcycling the discarded leaves from pineapple plantations. The leaves are dried under the direct sunlight, pulped, rinsed, pounded, and cleaned. Once dry, the paper sheets will be run into machines that will make it as a paper, bags, etc. Pinyapel leaves during production can also be used as raw materials to produce brown bags and cardboards.


Filipinos are known to having creative minds and being resourceful in every way we can. Filipino inventors have put their hearts and minds to these kinds of projects. I do hope that these kinds of projects will be supported by our local governments.


Because this will not only help us save mother Earth but it will also help farmers and locals to have extra income for their everyday needs.


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