Best Startup Businesses in Australia for 2015

  Starting your own business may be daunting but these startups may inspire you to build your own., “Australia’s leading news and advice resource for startups,” organized the Startup Smart Award for 2015 to distinguish the most groundbreaking and fastest-growing new businesses in Australia. Sponsored by DTK Australia New Zealand, many new businesses entered for the contest to win one of the eight categories.  

Best Startup: Temple and Webster

  Temple and Webster is all about the beautiful furniture featuring the best of Australia and international design that aims to help its clients make beautiful home spaces.   Temple and Webster are the names of the artisans invited by Governor Lachlan Macquarie in the 1820 to create two fine chairs for ceremonial use.   It is a members only, online shopping club that exclusively offers amazing furniture homewares, home décor, art, gifts and lifestyle products by sending a newsletter through email.   Members do not only get private sale events but they also receive the story behind the scene stories of the brands and the designers.   Ordering and paying online is also easy. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal. Your orders are delivered in 3-5 days at your via Aus Post or courier with 0% interest available if your order is more than $1,000. Plus, if you change your mind within 30 days, you can still return your purchase.  

Best New Startup: Living Room of Satoshi

  Living Room of Satoshi is truly innovative. It lets users pay bills using nontraditional currency – the bitcoin. What is a bitcoin? Bitcoin is essentially a digital currency that you can use to buy items and pay bills either in businesses that also accept bitcoins or through another center that exchanges the bitcoins for the normal currency like the dollar.   If you want to find out more about the bitcoin click here and here.   It is easy to pay with Living Room of Satoshi. They do not charge any fees and the exchange rate is displayed at the point of payment or you may check the JSON API.   You can only pay up to $1000 per transaction in any of the 19,000 businesses with BPAY Logo and Biller Code. If you have bills over $1000 then simple create a new transaction with the same details.   Payments are processed within the same day. Payment made before 5pm on a banking day will be processed by the biller on the next banking day. Paying after the 5pm cutoff time or payment on weekend and holidays will be processed after 2 banking days.  

Best Startup Idea: Cuzin sponsored by Bschool

  Cuzin calls itself as their clients’ shopping family.   It works by helping clients purchase any object from anywhere around the world just by typing in a need. A group of personal shoppers will then look for the needed product and communicate with the client by listing the details and the price of the product.   Moreover, you do not even have to worry about limitations that usually occur in international delivery.   Payment is made via paypal.  

Best Disruptor: Safe Work Laboratories sponsored by MEHR Global

  Safe Work Laboratories offer express drug testing service to minimize staff down time.   With comprehensive experience in providing complete drugs of abuse testing service with the most level of proficiency, this startup invested on state of the art facilities to give an “extensive range of testing.”  

Best Social Change Entrepreneur: Wattblock

  Wattblock offers service to actually help clients save money by helping reduce energy consumption up to 65%.   All you need to do is to register your details, complete and energy profile and then you will receive a free analysis report whether you are a homeowner or a corporate CEO.  

Fastest Growing Startup: LabFriend

  LabFriend is the leading online supplier of laboratory equipment and consumables offered at the best price. They currently have 60,000 brand new products with over 360 world’s leading laboratory brands.   People looking for laboratory equipment do not have to be hassled by waiting periods, expensive overseas shipping, different ordering procedures and payment processes. The company handles all of this for you and they set up reward points for every order.   An online library is also built to help clients compare and choose the best product for them. The library includes manuals, Q&A, and buying guides.  

Best Regional Startup: SafetyCulture

  SafetyCulture helps businesses by “providing occupational health and safety materials and products, inductions, OHS tools, audits, product catalogue and contact information.”   SafetyCulture has a safety audit app called iAuditor. The app was created after Mr. Anear, founder of SafetyCulture in 2004, realised that every person has and uses a smartphone, iAuditor app was launched in 2012 to test if people – even those in small businesses – would use it to conduct safety inspections and audits.   After the release of iAuditor, the company experienced a boom and not just from Australia but from overseas as well. A lot of businesses from everywhere in the world is using the app, and not to mention investors.  

Startup Hero: Enabled Recruitment

  Enabled Recruitment is indeed a hero. It works like the usual job portals only it provides flexible work opportunities for people with disabilities.   They offer a flat rate for employers looking for untapped talented people. There are no hidden fees either. Employers can opt to hire using Enabled Recruitment or just post a job ad and do the hiring alone.   Startupsmart Awards introduced for the first time, awards for the Best State Startup:  


  Living Room of Satoshi is the only startup to receive a second award.  

South Australia

  ODD Games PTY LTD is a video game development studio. The founder of the company only had one vision in the beginning, to create a decent monster truck game that he felt was missing in the video game world.   Partnering with leading motorsport brands and athletes, they were able to expand their customer base millions worldwide. They now rank as the number 1racing video game.  

ACT and New South Wales

  One Shift is another online job portal that works by matching people with the jobs available.   By subscribing and creating a profile, users are instantly matched with the best jobs for their skill and experience. The users get al call or a message from their matches. Users can then apply directly.  

Tasmania and Victoria

  Parkhound is a genius idea that lets users reserve a parking space before they need it. Instead of going around looking for parking and wasting petrol, users can book a parking space and use it for the number of hours as reserved at a price agreed.   Users can also rent out their own parking space at home with Parkhound app.  

Western Australia and Northern Territory

  eKarma Ventures PTY LTD as the name suggests is all about inviting good karma even as you shop.   Founders believe in paying forward and helping create a change in the world through existence of karma.   Users only need to register online and shop with over 250 stores using eKarma site. While the user spends, the user’s nominated charity also receives donations – affecting the lives of 1 or even 1 million lives.   Starting a business does not always have to be a brilliant new idea but an answer for a need or an improvement to what is already there. Usually, those who succeed are those who start their business with a real sense of reason why they put it up in the first place.   If you think your business ideas is somehow similar to these startups (not exactly to have the same product) then why not start now? You might just be the next best startup.
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