Beat the Heat with these Pinoy Summer Samalamig

Summer is fast approaching. As a Filipino, we all know that summer heat can be uncomfortable and extreme here in our country.


And as a heat remedy, Filipinos often go to the beach and pools to cool themselves. Pinoy Palamigs are also stars of summer since they can give us an instantly cool vibe. For sure you have a neighbor who is selling samalamigs (refers to various traditional Filipino sweet chilled beverages) outside their home every afternoon.


But you can also make your own samalamig exclusive for your family and friends this summer. How? Here’s a list of the top summer samalamig that you can make at home:


Milo-Choco Jelly

Milo-Choco Jelly

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This drink is best for kids who love chocolates. And what’s the best chocolate drink for Pinoy kids? The one and only Milo of course.


Milo-choco jelly is very easy to make and it’s age-friendly too.


Ingredients: Gelatin powder, Sugar, Milo, Cocoa powder, Water


Avocado Ice Candy


Avocado Ice Candy


Ice candies are common Pinoy summer treats for kids and also to adults. This summer, give your ice candies some twist and try the Avocado ice candy.


Avocados have a lot of health benefits, it contains Potassium and Fiber, it lowers Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels, Antioxidants that can protect your eyes, it can relieve symptoms of Arthritis, and lastly, it can help you lose weight.


Ingredients: Avocados, Fresh milk, Sweetened condensed milk, Sugar




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Of course, the queen of summer samalamig is here on our list. Halo-halo is a popular Filipino cold dessert that is believed to have been invented in the 1920s or 1930s at the Quinta Market at Quiapo, Manila.


Halo-halo has at least 10 ingredients, not to mention the leche flan and ice cream on top. Once it’s mixed, the magic starts. Even if the ingredients can be overwhelming, it still complements each other.


Ingredients: Crushed ice, Evaporated milk, Kaong (sweet palm fruit), Macapuno (silky coconut), Langka (jackfruit), Munggo (mung beans), Saba (fat banana variety), Ube (purple yam), Mais (corn), Nata de Coco (coconut gelatin), Pinipig (crisped rice), Sago (pearls similar to boba), Leche Flan, Ube ice cream


Mais/Saging Con Yelo


Mais Saging Con Yelo


The summer samalamig favorites are also on our list. These easy Filipino desserts are commonly sold by street vendors, especially during summer months.


If you’re making a Saging Con Yelo, don’t forget to put some pandan leaves when cooking the banana to add some classic flavor.


For Mais Con Yelo – Sweet corn, Shaved ice, Sweetened condensed milk, Evaporated milk, White sugar, Crushed ice, Corn flakes and cheese (optional)


For Saging Con Yelo – Brown sugar, Water, Saba ng saging, Evaporated milk, Crushed ice, Sago or Tapioca pearls (cooked)


Buko Pandan


Last but definitely not the least, the Filipino tropical drink that somehow gives us a taste of home. The Buko pandan is known to be one of the top desserts serve in every Pinoy birthdays, fiestas, and holidays.


It’s easy to make and its flavor also fits for everybody. Chilled Buko pandan is also a good heat remedy that you can store in your chiller.

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